Should Colleges Pay Athletes

Buzz has been going around about colleges not paying their athletes. A couple of years ago in 2014, college athletes and fans around the U.S. tried to get colleges to pay the players. Even video game fans wanted the athletes to get paid for their work. What do you think should happen with the college and their athletes? Should they get paid or should they just be happy that they are playing their dream sport. 58cfd1f01d000028007cf4c8

The NCAA not paying their athletes has rose to the surface in this past year. This isn’t any new news, This has been brewing in the media for years now. It all started back in 2014 when the NCAA games stopped producing products. People were getting mad from all the money the colleges and game companies were making while the players in the game and on the field were not getting paid. The players have been making huge amounts of profit for their schools. Most fans think that it’s not right for the players to not get paid. They have made petitions and there have been protests to get players paid.


The players for the colleges aren’t necessarily getting mad but, they are on the side of the fans. They want to get paid, but are too scared to talk about it. The players were afraid of getting benched, or even getting kicked out of the college by speaking out against the college that they attend. But when some players spoke up, it pushed the other players to tell their options on the subject.


Oklahoma City Thunder, small forward Carmelo Anthony has spoke out on this subject. During an interview after the Warrior vs Thunder game, he said he was in favor for the athletes.  He said he does think athletes should get paid. How They get paid is up to the NCAA. He said if the college athletes get money for the school, then they should get paid.


Do you think that the college athletes should get paid? If so, how do you think they should get their money? My personal opinion is if they are getting their college money, they should get paid. It’s like working a job for 2 weeks and not getting paid.

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