Does technology make us more alone?

Technology is used by individuals as well as businesses everyday to make us more connected to things going on around us and also to make our access to everyday things, much easier. However, some people think technology really makes us more alone. Are our useful cell phones, computers, etc. actually distancing us from everything and getting in the way of socialization? Although technology plays an important part in our lives, it does have its pros and cons.

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Technology is all around us; in our hands, at home or even at your workplace. Those who are for technology and all of the benefits that come with it, believe that technology has increased the production level. They believe that businesses that use technology as an everyday tool, have gained competitive advantage in the market and that technology has improved efficiency. Technology has also made it easier for students and teachers to access their daily academic material. Communication has been simplified and made much easier for our society with the use of cell phones. You can make phone calls or send text messages for free if you want to contact people and you won’t have to write a letter and worry about when it will be mailed to them.

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Those opposed to technology believe that automated industries means that the labor will be cut down leaving many Americans jobless. Small businesses that cannot afford technology will be left out because they cannot make technological advancements that the bigger businesses would, therefore resulting in not enough money to keep operating and eventually having their business collapse. Information is at high risk for easily being lost since it can easily be stored in a database. Most publishers publish things on the internet for money, so they are able to write about anything and still get paid for it even though their work does not get reviewed before it gets published. Businesses have collected private data from our cell phones and they use the stored data to create advertisements of our best interest. With this being said, we have no privacy when we use technology.

After taking a survey with West Clermont High School students, 66% of students had said technology does in fact make us more alone and 34% of students had disagreed and said it does not make us more alone. Some students think that technology can make you feel alone if you are excluded from something on social media or if you do not relate to a group of people but it can also help you meet other people so you are not alone.  Others think that we have become so dependent on technology and what it does when we should be focusing on our own lives and interactions with others. After becoming so dependent on technology and the lives of others, we start to compare ourselves and the things around us to other people so that makes us distance ourselves and eventually, make us more alone. Technology makes us forget how to use our basic communication skills because of our lack of communication anymore. Younger kids are caught up in phones and tablets and don’t use toys as a source of entertainment anymore but instead, use technology to keep them occupied.


Technology and social media makes people more antisocial. People spend more time surfing the web than getting a daily exercise and being active. Communication plays a big part in almost all parts of working environments and the more time we spend using technology, the more we lack that useful skill. According to CNN, most teens spend an average of nine hours a day on their phone. An average teen checks their phone 100 times per day.

Technology is most beneficial with educational purposes. With technology, the teachers are able to personalize their lesson and help students learn at their own pace. Digital materials can introduce different learning techniques for each student and the internet also gives students answers beyond what is in their textbook. Not only is technology very helpful in classrooms, it is also a preference by the students and most teachers. Blended learning styles keeps students focused for longer periods of time and makes them more excited to learn when it is something they enjoy and prefer.


Overall, technology provides world-wide connectivity at all times but also disconnects us from daily socialization. The television informs us of many important and relevant current events and is also a source of entertainment. Technology has the ability to link us to many sources of our hobbies and interests. You are able to discuss, and learn about anything in your interest, almost anywhere you want. Social media is the gateway of confidence for many shy individuals. You choose how to present yourself and you are able to express yourself freely.



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