Schools walk out

Thousands of students, all across the united states but no just the united states all across the world are standing up and protesting. On Wednesday students stood up for the 17 deaths that took place a month ago in Florida after a gun man shot up they’re local school at the Parkland shooting. The protest last 17 minutes and took place to put pressure on the goverment to approve stricture gun control. The first wave of student around are nation left class around 10 am. Also in Washington student gathered around the outside of the White House and protested, they all carried signs and had a peaceful protest. Most school encouraged the walk out and welcomed the idea of a walk out, like in New York where the school permitted kids to walk out with parents permission, thousands of students walked out and stood up and protested while other schools have threatened discipline and consequences if they attempt to protest at 10 like by suspension or marking the students as absence or having them participate in detentions, instead they will provide students with an opportunity to share there feelings about recent events that have taken place and allow them to speak about solutions they can follow in a constructive way.

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It is very unlikely that the Goverment will answer to the students needs right away but this has hugely helped increase the chances and has made it very tense for the decision makers. Even though Florida has raised the age to purchase a firearm to 21 and extended the waiting to 3 days. On Monday trump abandon his pledge to be seeking the nations level reforms that the Nation Rifle Association oppossed. But on March 24th students in Washington are planning on gathering for the March of Our Lives and its coordinated by Gun Safety manufacturers, which is a group backed up by Michael Bloomberg, which is the former New York city major. More walk outs are being planned for April 20th, the anniversary of the Columbine High school shooting in 1999. In students own words they explain why they’re walking. They tell press that they are doing this so that the lost once that have been killed carelessly can be remembered as people and not as numbers. They say that kids like them don’t get a voice, and that its time for them to stand up and do something and make a difference for them selves because are goverment isn’t doing it.

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