Is It A Good Thing To Have A Part Time Job In High School?

High School is when you can do a lot more things than in Middle School. You get to start driving, voting, and you can get your very first job. But is having a job during school gonna make it more stressful “According to sociologist Ralph McNeal, more than half of 10th graders and almost all 11th and 12th graders work at some time during the school year. They are working to run their cars, buy clothing or earn spending money, he says.

Some studies have indicated that teen employment builds self-esteem and character and increases academic achievement and commitment, while other research has concluded that it may increase the likelihood of a student’s dropping out of high school, McNeal says.

Most of that research has been limited to examining the number of hours teenagers work and the high school dropout rate, however, and has concluded that “a little bit of work is good for kids; a lot of work is bad for them,” says McNeal, an assistant professor of sociology. But, he says, “given the complexities of today’s employment possibilities for adolescents, examining the relationship between work and dropping out should encompass more than just employment intensity.” I really agree with what McNeal has to say about students and having jobs. If students want a job they could get one but they need to make sure that they do not work too much, so they can still get there school work done.

Having a job during high school can be a good thing for students. Depending on what job type of job they have. If they work at a good place that will teach the students some responsibilities then it will affect students tremendously during high school, and get them ready for the real life and college as they grow up.

“All the research done on high school students holding part-time jobs shows that it is usually a very productive experience. The benefits include learning how to handle responsibility, manage time, deal with adults, get a peek at the working world, and occupy time in a worthwhile activity. Busy teenagers do not usually get into trouble. High school students who work begin to feel and act more adult. And if they are handling their job well and receive additional responsibilities, their self-esteem grows. In addition, being able to include a part-time job on a college or job application is definitely a plus. Students especially develop a positive orientation toward work if they begin working in their senior year instead of earlier.

All of the positives about having a part-time job have one big caveat. Students cannot usually be employed more than 20 hours per week or their grades begin to suffer, they do less homework, and they are more likely to drop out.

Not all students are capable of handling a part-time job during the school year. A job can interfere with essential study time or important extracurricular activities. If a student begins to have poorer grades or stay up too late after getting a job, it is time to either quit the job or cut back on the hours of employment. A job will also have limited benefit if students spend all their pay on personal luxuries rather than saving some amount for future goals.”

I asked 2 students if they think it is a good or bad thing for students to have a job during school?

Kendall Simpson (Freshman) says “I think it’s kinda bad for them to work during school because it like adds on stress to them and they have less time to do their school work and focus on their homework and studying time.”

Kaylee Simmons (Junior) answered “I think it is bad because it takes away from time students could use to be studying. Stress from work might carry over into school and students could be at risk for lower grades. While in school students should keep as much focus as possible on their assignments.”


I think that students should not have a job during high school. Because it would take up too much time. And during high school it is already really stressful to manage having school work and a job. Plus students have other extracurricular activity. It is true that a job can make you more responsible but I feel like if you start a job you would have too much on your plate and then your grades would start to plummet. But if you think you can balance having school and a job then go ahead. It is also a good thing to have a job that is willing to work around your school and sports schedules.



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