Why Do Students Procrastinate?



Procrastination is when you wait the last minute to do your homework. A lot of students procrastinate because they are to lazy to do their work, or they would rather be on their phones and television. Procrastination can lead to a lot of stress for students. Especially if you have a lot of homework that you need to do that night. It will all build up and you will have a pile of work that you will have to do. So then students just simply will not do it. But you can do things about it so you won’t procrastinate anymore, and will help make school less stressful.

What you can do about procrastination

Students can avoid procrastinating by just doing it early on. If you have a lot of time to get your homework done do not take advantage of it. If you get your project or homework done early then you won’t have to worry about it later on. It puts a huge weight off your shoulders once you finally have it done and out of the way. When you do your homework at home, and if you are easily distracted then put some headphones in. Headphones will help block out outside noises, and if you put on focusing music it will keep you less distracted.

Why students procrastinate

“Many students procrastinate because they simply don’t know how to move ahead.  They don’t understand the assignment or they don’t know how to use the library, or they struggle with the technique of writing research papers or they don’t understand the material they are supposed to read.  So they put it off in the irrational hope that it will make more sense tomorrow.  Or they put it off because addressing the problem directly and trying to complete the assignment is just too stressful.” http://evolllution.com/opinions/why-do-students-procrastinate/. I agree with this statement. Some work teachers give students give hard assignments. But if it is too difficult and you don’t understand it go talk to your teacher and ask for help. Students do put off their work and they say “I will just do it tomorrow” and then turns out you are doing it the day before it is due.

Pie chart showing why students procrastinate


I interviewed 2 teachers and a student why they think students procrastinate. Here is what they had to say:

Mrs. Walters: “I think because students think they make other things a higher priority then getting their work done.”

Mackenzie Donahoe: “Because they are simply just lazy. Some people have other stuff to do, so they never have time to do it because they are so tired.”

Mrs. Storey says: “They do not think it is going to take that long so they decide to do it later. And they probably just do not want to do the activity. Maybe they don’t want know how to do the tasks.”

My Opinion

I think students procrastinate on projects because they think that they have so much time to do it so they decide to do it later on. And so they keep pushing on doing the project back and next thing you know it they are stressing out trying to do it the night before you have to turn it in. On homework I think some people don’t know how to do it or they are too lazy and they think that they will have time to do it later on that night. Some people have to do other activities after school like sports, clubs and etc. And they get home late so they just decide not to do it. Or they stay up all night to get it done and then they lose sleep. Some people put other things first than homework and projects.

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