Anastasia Beverly Hills: Spring Collection

unnamedAnastasia Soare is the CEO for Anastasia Beverly Hills, she opened her first beauty salon in 1997, shortly after in 2000 she released her first ever beauty product. Soare has created a multi-million dollar brand that is sold globally. Soare created the “Golden Ratio” one of the most influential techniques in beauty history.


  • 1.  “Brows begin directly above the middle of the nostrils”
  • 2. “The high part of of the arch connects the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris”
  • 3. “Brows end where the corner of the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye”

“Our eyes are intrinsically trained to spot to divine proportion and immediately associate it with beauty and harmony.” – Anastasia Soare

Anastasia Beverly Hills has came and definitely didn’t disappoint with there released of:  a brand new eyeshadow palette, bronzer, highlighter, liquid lipsticks, and along with some new brushes being apart of their spring launch.

Since early January, this launch has been highly anticipated. Norvina (Anastasia Beverly Hills President), was highly disappointed when the “Soft Glam” palette was leaked. She didn’t get a c627fc7b4-d10c-44ed-b83e-807436352da4-26068802_394166071006661_1864253069047365632_nhance to use her beautiful campaign photos to introduce the palette.“ I made this palette for my mom”… “ I wanted to create a neutral palette that is a go-to for anyone, transitions beautifully from day to night, and is a dream fro MUA’s with a bridal clientele.” -Norvina via Instagram. The “ “Soft Glam” ($42) palette features 14 shades, with 4 previous shade.  2 of the shades are single eyeshadows, and 2 the two other shade are  from one of the most loved palette and one of Anastasia’s biggest hits “Modern

Renaissance”. But it features 10 brand new shades!

The Amrezy Highlighter ($28) is one of major collaborations with one of the beauty 2018-02-11_39693.8454947758influencers! This is a limited edition highlighter, and is in a universal shade of “light brilliant gold”!  One of the major things I love about this collection is the packaging! My favorite packaging from the collection is the Amrezy Highlighter, it is covered in gold Anastasia-Beverly-Hills-AmRezy-Highlighterbronze stars. The pan size seems to feature  a good amount of product, the “wave” effect is the cutest touch.

 Anastasia Beverly Hills has been producing  some of the best products on the market. It is no secret they are hands down one of the most influential brands.  ABH is known for their infamous brow products, contours kits, and liquid lipsticks. Anastasia Beverly Hills will continue to be powerhouse and I truly believe that they will continue to revolutionize the beauty world.

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