Getting up to being in the NFL

For most professional players. the pathway for the NFL begins in middle school or junior high football teams. following that you’d attended high school football. You’d want to be on varsity that way coaches or colleges watching will have a better chance to know you. Once you finish high school you’d join a college football team. Keep in mind during all of this you’re maintaining good grades for colleges to also notice. Because without those high grades you wont have a very good chance of getting drafted. More than 1 million high school players try to be in the NFL and only about 300 NFL openings each year. The game is more about talents on the field its a lot of leadership skill and effort and a lot of pushing yourself more and more.It will take a lot of commitment and responsibility to get that far into the profession game from high school or middle school when you started. The NFL development team works to teach and train the new possible players and pick out and identify the kids and try to help them grow and have an opportunity to show case there talents. Being on a profession state team like that does also take a lot of training. You should stay on a college team for at least a couple years before moving up to draft. Be prepared for time consuming work out sessions and hours of practicing trying to learn every play or lift the last set or run the extra yard. Now if your in high school and don’t have a school team or don’t feel like you’re good enough just yet to make the team join a club team. (but high school teams are highly preferable). Even if you do play on the school team sports camp is a great way to help you get in better shape and do a better job. Think of football camp as an early network or connection make lots of friends and get your name out there for the professional teams. The more people who know about you the better chance you’ll have at getting drafted. its also a good chance to make a first impression.Graduating high school is needed to get into college. and if you don’t go from a high school to college team its not likely you’ll be in the drafts. When its getting close to graduating high school and making career choices research different colleges and talk to your coach about there opinion on your skills and what path they think you should take you can also contact potential college coaches about your choices or opportunities and let them know your interested so they can give you advice. If you really want to get noticed have highlight videos taken and post them on the internet and send them to friends and family to share and spread them around. (use a tripod if you’re on a budget). You can also register with the NCAA starting your junior year in high school so that you’re validated as an amateur athlete. To stay ahead and prepared you should choose a offering by your senior year. If you’ve followed all these options you could do to get yourself out there you should have college offers by then. If something happens and you cant or don’t play in college just keep working hard and maybe you will make it as a walk on. Good luck and don’t go through all the trouble to give up. Try your hardest and stay focused!

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