Should Schools Eliminate Homework?

Many households battle the daily late night homework struggle to complete assignments that are given by teachers. In fact, nothing stresses students out more than homework does. Having too much homework can take a toll on a student’s life whether that being physically or mentally. There has been a long-running debate on the purpose of homework as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Would students be more successful in school if homework assignments were to be eliminated? The best way to determine the true answer, is to consider the disadvantages and advantages when it comes to homework.

The disadvantages of homework are that many students are overwhelmed by the amount of homework given daily by teachers. Many people think teachers are pushing and expecting too much from students. Some say that homework is not even productive or necessary in any way. Students these days are doing more homework than ever before. In some cases, students are doing as nearly as three times more than the amount of homework load that is recommended by educational leaders.

Some say the reason students dread school is because of the homework load. Homework consumes the students evenings and weekends. In some cases, homework is similar to a part time job or chore, not many students receive a productive learning or constructive experience from homework like it’s supposed to be. Homework is starting to affect family life. Some students only interaction with their parents is arguing about homework or grades.

Many students have a difficult time finding time for exercise and fresh air for their essential well-being. Students have other commitments in their life such as jobs, sports, looking after siblings, and clubs resulting in having no or little time to manage both homework and other commitments. The constant demands continues all throughout a child’s life, through elementary, middle school, high school, college, and the workforce. Many students don’t have the time for living. Homework is an unnecessary burden that creates students to hate learning. Receiving more homework in a subject grows students to hate that subject.

The severe stress caused by homework can lead to sleep deprivation, and eating patterns that could cause a more substantial issue and also lead to lower test scores. The loss of sleep makes it difficult for students to stay up or concentrate and focus on lessons during class. It can become difficult for students to manage homework and independent study. An excess amount of homework causes students to feel “burnt out” as they reach their final tough years. In some cases, homework is even assigned to students over breaks and holidays.

Homework does have advantages when used correctly, though not all students respond to homework the same way. An advantage of homework is that it is aims to help us master at certain skills. If there is no practice, then the excellence will not be achieved. A moderate amount of homework has been proven to be successful and exercise the minds. Homework allows for practice, teaching responsibility, and organization skills. Homework also allows students to work at their own pace without any peer pressure. Homework can help the mind retain and comprehend the lessons that were taught and also create students to learn better study habits.

Homework allows teachers to track their students progress throughout the year. Homework is able to show when a student is struggling with the content or falling behind. Submitting homework provides a good lesson when it comes to responsibility. When homework isn’t turned in and finished in the required standard, disciplinary consequences can often take place and go into effect. Homework also provides parents with an opportunity to get involved in their child’s school work. Parents can see what is being learned and provide assistance when needed and any additional insight.

Homework can help students maintain focus on their studies. If no work is given to students, they could waste their time doing activities like watching tv all night or playing video games for hours. Students can take the time needed to help them to their advantage instead of being pushed too fast in a classroom. Students can manage their available time at home in order to focus and get their homework finished. Homework helps students understand what is being discussed during class. Students become independent and confident once homework is successfully completed.

I interviewed 25 students and asked for their opinions on how they feel about homework. Many felt that it shouldn’t be eliminated, that the amount should be decreased so that it isn’t so rigorous. One student gave a good point when she discussed that homework actually saves her grades because she needs the points. Another student believed that all homework is, is busy work. I interviewed several teachers as well, one in particular said that eliminating homework wouldn’t be beneficial to the student body, but from a selfish standpoint he would like homework to be eliminated because he would rather just grade tests and quizzes instead of late homework that is turned in.

There are plenty of disadvantages and advantages when it comes to homework. Homework is a really good way to teach responsibility, self-discipline, time management, and study skills. Obviously, both sides believe that they are the ones that are right. Not all students respond to homework the same way. It is determined by how the students determine it and how they approach the homework and what they gain from it.

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