What To Do On Rainy Days

Spring is fast approaching and it has already started raining and streets are flooding! So you may be stuck in your house and bored out of your mind as most people would be, well you should no longer be bored after today! I am going to tell you the best things to do in a rainy day!

The most obvious thing to do on a rainy day is to watch some movies or a tv show. Dim the lights grab a blanket and sit back and relax! Some of the best movies to watch on a rainy day would beHarry Potter if you are interested in wizards and spells.

  1. The Twilight Series if you are interested in vampires and wolves.
  2. The Hunger Games if you like thinking about a different world.
  3. Stranger Things is the most popular series on Netflix as of right now.
  4. The Office is a good comedy show on Netflix that is great for binge watching me.
  5. Grey’s Anatomy is on Netflix also, this show is more dramatic.

The next best thing to do on a rainy gloomy day would be building a fort. Yes this may seem a little childish but it won’t be once you get started. Once you get the fort built you can do anything, such as watching tv, sleeping, eating, and just relaxing. You will need a couple things to make your fort the best.

  1. First you’ll need pillows and blankets and some sort of chairs.
  2. Next put all your pillows on the ground.
  3. Then you should place the chairs around your pillows.
  4. Take your blanket and place it on top but make sure to leave a door so you can go in and out easily.
  5. Now you have a great fort!

For this next activity to do you’ll need at least one other person. You can always play board games/ card games! You can play just about anything. Here are some of the best board games,

  1. Monopoly a game where you go around the board buying properties and gaining money!
  2. Sorry! When your trying to get all your players back to your “home” and knock others pieces off the board.
  3. Apples to Apples is a great game to play with some friends to get a good laugh! The objective of this game is to get the most green cards by the end of game. Each green card had a category and each person will put a word that is either to make sense to the green card or to make someone laugh. The judge will pick the best one and the person will get the green card.

Hopefully these ideas help you have some fun on a rainy day!

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