Royal Baby Number 3

On Monday, April 23, Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their third child to the royal family, a boy. As the announcement of the baby’s birth made news, speculation on the prince’s name were trending in the media.

While some of the most speculated names were Arthur, Alexander, James or Phillip, none of the common names were correct. This morning it was announced that the child’s name will be Louis Arthur Charles. He will be known by the title ‘His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Cambridge’.  Continue reading Royal Baby Number 3

Jay Feely’s Prom Picture Fiasco

It is officially prom time, for some prom is already over and others it is almost here, and what is everyone’s favorite thing for dances: posting picture. Everyone loves getting on social media and looking at others photos and stealing ideas. Of course then you have dads who love torturing the boyfriend with the old gun in hand photo that just screams “IF YOU HURT MY DAUGHTER….”. Everybody knows this is the oldest act for dads yet for Jay Feely- an ex NFL kicker- this blew up. Jay posted a picture of him between his daughter and her boyfriend with a gun in his hand that is by his leg. Now this is nothing new and can tell it is just a joke by the looks on their faces yet people seemed to get mad at it. One person commented “Oh yay – American dads have kicked off the season of “let’s pretend I’m going to shoot my daughter’s date for impugning her chastity””. After seeing this comment Jay commented back “THe prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue.”. It is true that gun safety is a big issue but if you look at the picture you can obviously see that his finger wasn’t near the trigger and he is holding the gun very carefully as if it was loaded. All things considered I doubt this would have blown up if somebody else posted this picture that wasn’t famous. Every dad gives the daughters boyfriend crap about treating their daughter right so why is this any different? Granted this isn’t the most appropriate picture to post with high schools different but you can tell that Jay is being careful about where the gun is pointed. Yes, there are many points about how people can see the picture differently but that is are own faults. We can’t look at all pictures with a gun in it and explode on the person who posted it. Jay was just making a joke with his daughter and her boyfriend that was completely harmless but people decided to ruin with drama. Both the boyfriend and daughter look happy and look like they are going to laugh. Only Jay is pulling off the serious look but even he looks entertained with himself. Yes, prom pictures are supposed to look cute but you also have to have fun and doing the old dad picture should not have this big of a blow up.

Prom Makeup Styles

Prom is just around the corner, if you’re a student at WCHS then it is this Saturday! With prom coming up so fast you want to have your makeup look prepared, especially if you want to look beat! In order to help you pick out your perfect makeup choice, you should probably have an idea of what you want. So don’t stress out because I may just have your solution! Continue reading Prom Makeup Styles

ElDewrito – A Community Driven Success Brings Halo To PC For Free

Early in the afternoon of April 20th a group of modders released ElDewrito 0.6.0 for Halo Online, and it is glorious.

But what is ElDewrito, or Halo Online in the first place? Well, Halo Online was a free to play multiplayer only Halo title tested exclusively in Russia. It was developed by Saber Interactive and published by Innova Systems in Spring of 2015, before soon being shut down to a close in 2016. Despite its failure, a group of modders got together to try and nurture the title into success. Though the game was restricted to Russia, this is where the community-driven mod ElDewrito comes in. Continue reading ElDewrito – A Community Driven Success Brings Halo To PC For Free

Exam Stress Relievers

First recognize when you’re feeling stressed. Are you feeling jittery, or clustered? Do you feel like you have to much on your shoulders and one more extended response question away from a mental breakdown? Here are a couple tips to help you relieve your end of the year exam stress. First don’t compare yourself with your peers or classmates. Just because it takes you longer to finish your test or to right your essays, or you just flat out cant right at the level they can doesn’t mean you’re not going to pass. Everyone learns at different levels. Pace yourself while testing and don’t feel the need to work faster just because everyone else around you is finishing quicker than you. Just do your absolute best that’s all that matters, not the kids across from you’s best. Another thing is to make sure you eat right. Brain food is number 1 when it comes too doing great on exams. Make sure you eat a nice easy breakfast and stay hydrated. Not only will it make you more focused it will keep you awake and give you energy during the testing time. Don’t forget to get good sleep during testing week. Being tired and dreary can be the worstImage result for exam stress thing while taking a state test. You have no energy to focus and think about the question if you stayed up till 3 am the night before. Make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time that way you’re prepared to give 100% on your exams. Another thing is to not panic. Some people take these things a lot more serious than others. So avoid short breathes and over thinking and being negative. Take deep slow breathes and stay focused. relax and take your time. If you’re spending hours of your time trying to study and cram all the information you need in before the big day. try to add some extracurricular events into your schedule to relax yourself. Make a trip to the gym or be outside in fresh air with friends to get your mind off of all of the stress. If you are not very good at relaxing, try talking to someone or get a study partner to get thru the stressful time with together. Its best to get passed all of the stress before you get up to the big exam week and as long as you try your best and put in your all you will do great!

Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants


Fast food is a huge part of an Americans life, almost everyone eats fast food during their lifetime and some even eat fast food multiple times a week. While fast food has been seen to contributing to obesity, fast food gives you many options such as what to eat and picking the healthiest option is up to you!

  1. Chipotle

What you order at chipotle is completely up to you, they are known for foods such as burritos and tacos but it is up to you what you put on your order. Some healthy options from chipotle may include Burritos, tacos, and salad with a variety of meats veggies and more.

  1. Chick fil a

While Chick fil a is a restaurant specializing in chicken, they provide many options to make the healthiest and tastiest food for you. Chick fil a was the first fast food restaurant to offer a trans fat free menu. Some healthy options include grilled chicken, chicken salad and more they also serve delicious breakfast to get your day going. Not only is their food good, so is the customer service. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Wendys

Wendy’s is one of the largest hamburger companies in the world. However, even though they are known for hamburgers. Wendy’s sells a variety of good food that is cheap and also healthy. Some of the options may be chicken salad, chicken wrap and more. Wendys are usually located all around the U.S so find the closest one to you.

  1. Subway

Just like chipotle, subway is all up to you! Subway is known for having delicious subs that come at good price and help you eat the way you want with a variety of options, even whole wheat bread, you can’t be disappointed. Not  wanting a sub? Subways also sell salads and some subways are starting to sell wraps.

These are just a few options for you to pick from however, almost every restaurant in the world provide some kinds of healthy food for you to choose from and as some may be healthier than others what you pick from a menu is up to you and while eating out sure is good it may not be the healthiest. Try some of the fast food restaurants listed above and don’t be afraid to try new things!


Procrastination is a huge problem any student or everyday person can have. It’s in our daily lives all over, but why is it? What is it? How do you deal with it? How do we overcome it?iStock_000013629812Small.jpeg

We’ve all had this problem at some point in our lives. This was a big problem to Tim Urban. He struggled with procrastination for most of his life. It was such a big problem in his life that he almost failed college because he waited until the very last day to do a paper that’s worth half of his overall grade. So what he did next was pretty impressive.  Continue reading Procrastination…

Coachella Music Festival

The biggest and most recognizable music festival has come and gone, and it’s 2018 spectacle did not disappoint. This years Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival was one of the biggest and most talked about in the organizations history.

Held in Palm Springs, California, Coachella is the kickoff to the music festival season with its traditional mid-April weekends of music. This year featured some of the biggest musical guests in today’s culture, as well as a look at some of the newest festival fashion and trends going into summer 2018.  Continue reading Coachella Music Festival

Review on “Truth Or Dare”

On Friday the 13th 2018 the movie “Truth or Dare” came out. This movie is about a group of college students who go to Mexico for spring break before they graduate. These teenagers get pretty drunk and up going with this this guy and play a game of truth or dare. Everyone gets asked some secrets about each other. The guy who brought the teenagers up to the old church was asked what his intentions with the main character Olivia. He told them he needed a new group of people to play the game, and he got up to leave he told Olivia that the game was real! He told her “You tell the truth or you die, you do the dare or you die, refuse to play and you die” The teens went home not paying attention to what happened and thought it was a joke. Soon they began to realize that this is really happening to them. Continue reading Review on “Truth Or Dare”