Midnight Sun Review

Movie Information:

Midnight sun is a romantic teenage love story. The run time is about 90 minutes. Its a Pg-13 movie. Genre is Romance and Drama, Directed by Scott Speer and Written by Eric Kirsten. It came to theaters March 23rd, 2018.

Actress Bella Thorne as Katie and Patrick Schwarzenegger as Charlie are the main characters of this love story. Midnight sun is almost exactly like the movie Everything, Everything, which came out in 2017. Both of the movies include a rare medical condition that causes problems for the main character’s love life. Katie (Bella Thorne) has a medical condition where she can’t go outside in the sun light. This medical condition is called XP, causing her to be stuck inside her whole childhood, if she were ever to accidentally see sunlight she would be facing death. She only has her best friend Morgan (Quinn Shephard) and her dad Jack (Rob Riggle).

Katie has watched Charlie (her soon to be lover) her whole life skateboard past her window and has been in love with him ever since. One night Katie goes outside to play guitar. Everything changed for her once her life long crush asked her out. The whole summer Katie and Charlie hung out. Although Charlie doesn’t know they’re putting Katie’s risk to sunlight in even more danger every night they’re together.

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Movie Review:

Midnight Sun isn’t the best romance movie. There isn’t enough emotion in the movie. When I am watching a movie that’s supposed to be sad I expect to cry, and I didn’t. The plot of the movie is great idea and all, but it was quite a disappointment. The actors did what they could with it but it just didn’t seem real. It was just a generic version of Everything, Everything.

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