Shooting at YouTube HQ

Last Wednesday on April 4th there was a shooting at YouTube head quarters. A women named Nasim Aghdam was identified later after the shooting in Northern California. After the shooting occurred the women took her own life after shooting three people with a 9 mm handgun. She was found by police at the scene the said that it seemed she shot herself with a handgun. It is believed that the shooter knows at least one of her victims. not including the fourth person injured due to people running out onto the patio outside the campuses cafe. The motive of the shooter was unclear but they are sure its because she was unhappy with you tubes practice and policies and they didn’t know if it was a domestic violence dispute. There was one man shot who was 36 years old in critical condition, a 32 year old womaImage result for youtube shootingn in some serious conditions. and the last women was 27 years old in fair; decent condition. All of the patients were conscious. One of the men at the cafe told press that the gun shots didn’t really add up to him. Like he was shocked and didn’t understand what was going on for a few moments. They though it was balloons at first. He said that you wouldn’t really think something that bad could be happening to you until it comes down to it and there is an active shooter on your campus. But after a few more shots instincts kicked in and everyone was scrambling towards the door. Once everyone understood there situation everyone was trying to get out of there as fast as they could. Citizens could hear shots across the street and people running from the campus. One women approached a fast food restaurant with and injured calf and people dining in tried to use napkins to stop the bleeding. Police arrived to the scene in speedy time. Two minutes after the 911 call they were on the scene. One by one everyone outside the building was searched anNasim Najafi Aghdam shot and wounded three people before killing herself, police say.d patted down by officers. More than 1100 people work at the YouTube company so thank fully only 3 out of 1100 people were shot by the women. After the attack only one of the people died from the bullet wounds. After investigation police found that she was practicing her shooting at the gun range that Tuesday before. Videos have been found that she made about how she was unhappy with YouTube and how they were taking down her videos.


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