How does mentality effect performance?

Every day you are expected to perform the best of your ability, whether this is at school, at home or in sports. You also want yourself to do the best you can on whatever your passionate about but how can your mentality affect your performance in your everyday life?

At School

School has multiple challenges you face every single day, this can be test, classwork, or simply listening to lectures. In every one of these situations you are expected to perform well. On big test such as the ACT and SAT, it is true that you will probably receive a better score if you have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude will make almost every situation better. However, for some positive attitude can be hard when the test is seen as a challenging task. Believing in yourself goes a long way as well but for some this is a major struggle.

In Sports

The way your brain works during sports is one of the biggest factors to your performance, no matter what sport. Athletes who have their psychology right usually perform much higher than people who struggle to have a strong mental state. Every sport challenges the brain in different ways along with that, every person challenges themselves in different ways. Being able to cope with pressure is huge for athletes whether its external or internal. Some sports are more on mental ability than physical and while believing in yourself goes a long way, not letting people get in your head is a big deal to many athletes. For example, running is one of the most mental sports of all time and every single runner get through the challenges in different ways. Before a race everyone has a different strategy to get themselves mentally prepared. While some need to be hyped up with energy and motivation, others need to keep to themselves in order to concentrate on the race.

After asking some athletes how their mentality affects their performance, two football players state that “getting mad while playing helps them play better” while a soccer player says “if she thinks she’s going to do good she usually performs better than if she doesn’t think she will perform well.” A high school runner however said “people I’m competing against often get in my head and affect my ability to perform the best I can.” Mentality is a key factor on a person’s performance.

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