Kyle Plush’s Death

Tuesday night the police got a call from Seven Hills high school student Kyle Plush at 3:16 pm. In the calls he was pleading for help. He was apparently desperate for help while the dispatcher was trying to get a location of where he was. The operator was trying to ask for his location and Kyle said “Seven Hills” several times but he wasn’t saying it clearly enough for her to understand what he was trying to say. In the second phone call to the police Kyle said “I probably don’t have much time left, so tell my mom I love her if I die, I’m trapped inside my gold Honda Odyssey van. In the (inaudible) parking lot of Seven Hills Hillsdale.”, he also told the to send officers immediately that he is almost dead. Seven minutes after the call two police officers were sent to investigate the call. They arrived to the location a few minutes after that but couldn’t find the van. 

Kyle Plush was later found by a family member around 9 in the afternoon in a parking lot by Seven Hills High School in Madisonville. They found him six hours after he called for help. The autopsy showed that Kyle died of asphyxia from chest compression. So in little words he was crushed to death by something.

A lot of people were calling the police about Kyle one person said he was with Kyle’s father and that Kyle was “turned over in the seat and stuck there.” Nobody knows how Kyle got stuck in the seat but asphyxia is when you can’t get oxygen into your lunges. There wasn’t any evidence of any foul play happening and Cincinnati Police are going to keep investigating to see what happened that caused Kyle’s death.

Who knows if Kyle’s van falls into the category but apparently 800,000 Honda Odysseys were recalled because of second row seat problems. 46 reports were made to Honda about minor injuries from the seats.

All thoughts are on Kyle’s family to get them through this rough time. Seven Hills sent a letter to the families in the school saying “He was a young man of keen intelligence, good humor, and great courage, and this whole community feels this loss very deeply.” These are great words that any person could hope to hear about themself if something happened to them. Hopefully Kyle is looking down and smiling when he sees all the people he cared about. Kyle started Seven Hills in sixth grade till and he died his Sophomore year.

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