Exam Stress Relievers

First recognize when you’re feeling stressed. Are you feeling jittery, or clustered? Do you feel like you have to much on your shoulders and one more extended response question away from a mental breakdown? Here are a couple tips to help you relieve your end of the year exam stress. First don’t compare yourself with your peers or classmates. Just because it takes you longer to finish your test or to right your essays, or you just flat out cant right at the level they can doesn’t mean you’re not going to pass. Everyone learns at different levels. Pace yourself while testing and don’t feel the need to work faster just because everyone else around you is finishing quicker than you. Just do your absolute best that’s all that matters, not the kids across from you’s best. Another thing is to make sure you eat right. Brain food is number 1 when it comes too doing great on exams. Make sure you eat a nice easy breakfast and stay hydrated. Not only will it make you more focused it will keep you awake and give you energy during the testing time. Don’t forget to get good sleep during testing week. Being tired and dreary can be the worstImage result for exam stress thing while taking a state test. You have no energy to focus and think about the question if you stayed up till 3 am the night before. Make sure you go to sleep at a reasonable time that way you’re prepared to give 100% on your exams. Another thing is to not panic. Some people take these things a lot more serious than others. So avoid short breathes and over thinking and being negative. Take deep slow breathes and stay focused. relax and take your time. If you’re spending hours of your time trying to study and cram all the information you need in before the big day. try to add some extracurricular events into your schedule to relax yourself. Make a trip to the gym or be outside in fresh air with friends to get your mind off of all of the stress. If you are not very good at relaxing, try talking to someone or get a study partner to get thru the stressful time with together. Its best to get passed all of the stress before you get up to the big exam week and as long as you try your best and put in your all you will do great!

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