Healthiest Fast Food Restaurants


Fast food is a huge part of an Americans life, almost everyone eats fast food during their lifetime and some even eat fast food multiple times a week. While fast food has been seen to contributing to obesity, fast food gives you many options such as what to eat and picking the healthiest option is up to you!

  1. Chipotle

What you order at chipotle is completely up to you, they are known for foods such as burritos and tacos but it is up to you what you put on your order. Some healthy options from chipotle may include Burritos, tacos, and salad with a variety of meats veggies and more.

  1. Chick fil a

While Chick fil a is a restaurant specializing in chicken, they provide many options to make the healthiest and tastiest food for you. Chick fil a was the first fast food restaurant to offer a trans fat free menu. Some healthy options include grilled chicken, chicken salad and more they also serve delicious breakfast to get your day going. Not only is their food good, so is the customer service. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Wendys

Wendy’s is one of the largest hamburger companies in the world. However, even though they are known for hamburgers. Wendy’s sells a variety of good food that is cheap and also healthy. Some of the options may be chicken salad, chicken wrap and more. Wendys are usually located all around the U.S so find the closest one to you.

  1. Subway

Just like chipotle, subway is all up to you! Subway is known for having delicious subs that come at good price and help you eat the way you want with a variety of options, even whole wheat bread, you can’t be disappointed. Not  wanting a sub? Subways also sell salads and some subways are starting to sell wraps.

These are just a few options for you to pick from however, almost every restaurant in the world provide some kinds of healthy food for you to choose from and as some may be healthier than others what you pick from a menu is up to you and while eating out sure is good it may not be the healthiest. Try some of the fast food restaurants listed above and don’t be afraid to try new things!

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