Prom Makeup Styles

Prom is just around the corner, if you’re a student at WCHS then it is this Saturday! With prom coming up so fast you want to have your makeup look prepared, especially if you want to look beat! In order to help you pick out your perfect makeup choice, you should probably have an idea of what you want. So don’t stress out because I may just have your solution!


Sometimes the perfect solution to prom makeup is something natural and glowy, especially if your jewled to all get out, you don’t want your makeup to outshine your dress. So try having a nice matte neutral eye? Add some eyeliner and mascara, pair it with a nude gloss and you’re good to go! Although what pulls this look together is a poppin’ highlight, and if you’re not worried at looking oily, try wearing a more luminous and dewy foundation. Something that’s lightweight without full coverage! The idea is to look glowy! Want to go a little farther and make it a soft glam look? This is a way to look natural yet bold! Try doing a smokey eye or even a cut crease, with some shimmery eyeshadow or glitter on the lid, but with softer and more subdued colors. Put on some falsies and the perfect nude matte lipstick or lipgloss and go! Prom won’t know what hit them.

boldAlthough you don’t want to outshine your dress, it is nice to go more bold, make a statement. It is prom of course! Try going for a more heavy glam look. Do a darker smokey eye with a highly pigmented shimmery lid, or even try doing a cut crease. With the more bold eyes you want it to be too much, so pair it with a nice nude, matte, lipstick. Just make sure to set your face after your makeup is complete. The last thing you want at prom is to be looking like a raccoon on the dance floor because your makeup started to smeer. If darker eyes intimidate you, go with the more neutral or soft glam eye and add a bold lipstick! Darker lipsticks, although they may seem intimidating, are very easy to pull off and look good on everyone. If you’re a little more outgoing, you could even, try a brighter, more vibrant lip.

nomakeupFinally the last look is for my girls who may not know a lot about makeup or wear a lot of makeup but still want to have a little somethin’ somethin’ for the big night! The “no makeup” makeup look is perfect. Sometimes all we ever want is our skin to look flawless and enhance our features. Simply add some foundation, contour (blush optional), mascara, and fill in your brows. Go a little further and add some lashes and lipstick if you want more than natural. If you’re going for a super carved cheekbone look, make sure the contour doesn’t look muddy.

I really hoped this helped your makeup decisions and helped you pick out the perfect prom makeup. Whether it’s bold or natural you’ll look amazing! Just remember to be safe and have fun!

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