The Dream Team

There are many amazing athletes that play for the NBA. Pretty much every team in the NBA has one star that propels there team forward to the Playoffs. What would happen if one team had the best 5 players in the league?


The Point Guard would no doubt be Steph Curry. Steph has a lot of haters just because he’s good, but that’s when you know you’ve made it. When you the best so people get mad at you. He can run the plays and can shoot from deep even when he’s being guarded.


The Shooting Guard for my Dream Team would be James Harden. He has gone completely off the charts this year. He has great court vision and can shoot with anyone in his face. Usually there is no one in his face to begin with because of his nasty step back jumper.


The Small Forward for my team is the one, the only, The King. Lebron James is the best player in the NBA right now and you would be crazy not to have him on your team. He’s one of the strongest finishers in the league and can feed the rock to his teammates as well.


My Power Forward for my team would be Giannis Antetokounmpo. He has only been in the NBA for a couple years and is still one of the better players. Once he has a couple more years in the NBA, he would be just as good if not better than Lebron James.


My Center would be “The Brow” or Anthony Davis. Davis is a beast at getting boards and scoring over his defenders. No one can stop him in the paint and once he gets hot there is no cooling off for him. If he can start shooting better from mid range he would be a “Little” Shaq.


Those are my top 5 players that would be on my Dream Team. What would be on your Dream Team.

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