Exotic Animals that Make Good Pets

Everyone knows that a dog or a cat make good pets but have you ever experienced having an exotic pet? Many of the pets listed below are easy to take of and also a lot of fun to have.  You will adore any of these pets but fine the one that suits you best.

1.Bearded Dragon


These low maintenance animals may look frightening but in reality, they are one of the most gentle reptiles out there. The Bearded Dragon is often kept in glass aquariums, and are diurnal meaning they stay up during the day and sleep at night, unlike many other exotic creatures. Dragons love interaction with people and are easy to handle.

  1. Hermit Crabs 


These very easy animals to take care of are both fun to look at excellent first pets for children. You can often find hermit crabs at your local pet shop. Once bought they should be safely kept in a large aquarium. Hermit crabs require high humidity but low maintenance. Hermit crabs are nice but can pinch under pressure.

  1. Flying Squirrel


If you have an interest in squirrels, a glider version is even better. However, a permit is required to own this type of animal. These animals require a little more care, they require fresh fruit and nuts to live healthily. They make good pets but if you’d like to see them glide they should be in a very spacious area.

  1. Kinkajou (Flower Bear)


Coming from forest in Central South America is a very unknown creature called the Flower Bird. They come from the raccoon family so may have some annoying traits. Although, often annoying they are very friendly and can make great pets if you can deal will these, vocal rambunctious creatures.

  1. Chinchilla


A chinchilla is an adorable pet that makes a great house pet  for an average family. Many of these animals are perky and full of energy. Some chinchillas are not good with children since they are short tempered and tend to bite when provoked.

  1. Turtle


Although, these animals are very common in the United States. These easy to take care of animals are very friendly are fun. They are very calm animals. They do requires an area for them to swim and an area for them to be on land. Most people adore their turtles and have a great time with them.

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