Game 1 Western Conference Finals

     The Golden State Warriors were triumphant in game 1 of the western conference finals. The Final score was 119-106, the game consisted of two outstanding performances- Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and James Harden of the Houston Rockets. These two players accounted for 35% of the scoring of the 225 points scored in total. Kevin Durant with 57 points and selfishly with 1 assist, James Harden 41 Points and a decent 7 assists. These two went back and forth throughout the entire game and kept the spotlight on themselves the entire time. It was a vicious battle but ended in a WarriorsW, this may have been due to Klay Thompson’s 28 point game. The two superstar point guards- Stephen Curry and Chris Paul underperformed and cumulatively scored only 41 points. Tonight we will witness round two of this intense series at 9 PM Eastern time. We will see if the Rockets have it in them to counter back.


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