Newest Product Releases: BeautyBlender

download  Rea Ann Silva released the BeautyBlender to stores fifteen years ago, Silva has twenty years of experience under her belt in the makeup industry. Silva worked with countless actresses, actors, and musicians.

The inspiration behind the infamous BeautyBlender was the fact, when she would use stage makeup such as airbrushing, it would begin to “cake-up”, and be very heavy on the skin. While on set she couldn’t bring the bulky equipment to airbrush, so she would use a sponge, but the makeup sponges at the time would soak-up and apply the makeup in a very splotchy way.  “I realized that the smoother sponges would absorb less makeup once wet and create a natural finish. I’d spend hours cutting the sponges into the tear shape by hand, and they’d disappear from the trailer!” 

BeautyBlender isn’t shy about developing new products continuously, and  keeping us on our toes!

instaclean_aerial_21205_1100px_new.jpgRecently, Instaclean ($16.00 USD) was created, this product is making cleanliness between clients or the average person everyday makeup routine is always spotless. The continuous spray mist is a convenient way to clean your BeautyBlender or makeup brushes when you don’t have the time to roll out a complete cleanse. This product will ensure you will be able to switch from product to product and not disrupt the color pay off.

One of the major benefits of this product is that it not only comes in a convenient travel-size friendly canister so you can always stay clean, but it is alcohol free. Alcohol can be very irritating and cause severe dryness to your skin especially if you have sensitive skin.

Another benefit this can offer to makeup-artist or to a makeup enthusiast is that, constant washing can destroy the  bristles of your makeup brushes, which will ruin the glue in the brush causing all the bristles to come out. Unless you know how to properly wash and treat your brushes or sponges you can diminish the longevity of your makeup products. By getting  Instaclean, you are not only saving time by ensuring to receive the best performance from the products you adore!

The newest BeautyBlender is a enchanting Sapphire colbeautyblender_sapphire_aerial_swatch_21151_1100px_newor, the new sponge still features the same “aqua-activated”  sponge technology as the previous BeautyBlenders!

The Sapphire BeautyBlender when dampened will expand twice its size, to blend out all of your products to perfection. Once you allow the BeautyBlender to airdry it will return to the small teardrop shape. One aspect you should keep in mind, and BeautyBlender even mentions is that they used “non-toxic, water soluble dyes”, they compare the vibrant BeautyBlender to a pair of blue jeans. The first few washes with the newest BeautyBlender may shed some of the excess dye, but it will not leave a blue residue on your skin. The newest products are innovative and leaves us on the edge of our seats to see the new products they will create!

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