10 Worst College Majors

College is always a big time for High School Students. It is getting close for some seniors to start deciding what they want to do with their life. What college they want to go to or what degree they want. But if you do not know what major you want to go in then this is a list that will help cross out some things you might want to go into.

10. Physcology
This may be disappointing for many of you, but psychology is a major where only the people with the highest psychology degrees get paid well. The vast majority of psychology majors end up making very little and usually end up switching careers, hence they do nothing with their diploma. This worthless degree may seem interesting to study at first, but you’ll definitely be regretting it down the road when you’re having a tough time making a respectable living. About the only way people make a fortune studying psychology is if they are studying at a highly accredited college. Highly accredited colleges for psychology are few and far in between, though. Use the arrow to advance to the next page and view the other 9 top worthless majors of 2016
9. Communications

Communications degrees have always been the easiest to get, however there is a reason for that. The requirements to get a communications degree are by far the lightest of all degrees, so the job field for someone with such degree is limited and not exactly lucrative. This degree is nearly worthless in that it won’t be of much use to you after college. It teaches you how to communicate effectively, a skill that anyone can learn quite easily without the need of professors or extra homework. Communications is one of those degrees where you should study via an online college. Online schools will teach you everything that a university will, but the catch is that it’s thousands of dollars cheaper and you can do it from the comfort of your own home. Online degrees, depressingly, aren’t as impressive as a college degrees from major universities.

8. Art History

We aren’t sure why anyone would want to pursue a degree in art history because, after all, what kinds of jobs favor this major? The answer is very few jobs. With a degree like this, you’ll be knowledgable in art history, but you won’t have a job relating to your degree at all! That is why getting a degree in art history is essentially pointless. Art history has become a diminishing part of modern life. Unfortunately, this degree won’t make you a millionaire, but if you want to learn more about this subject for cheap in a college setting, I would suggest you take a class at an online college and earn an online degree or maybe even a minor if your credits transfer! Make sure though that you are enrolling in an accredited college.

7. Music

Students who graduate with a degree in music are notorious for having an unemployment rate that is sky-high. Why is this you ask? Well, this can be attributed to the fact that a degree in music won’t help one become a popular artist or musician. In fact, a degree isn’t even necessary. In the music industry, it tends to be the ones who are marketed most who are ultimately making the most money later on down the road. Don’t waste your time getting a music degree, you’ll thank us later!

6. Theatre

As kids, we all want to be a famous Hollywood actor or actress when we grow up, right? I think so, however pursuing a degree in theater isn’t the best idea at all. The vast majority of people making a good living off of a theater degree are in the top 1% of the job field. The bottom line: your odds aren’t good. Stay away from a degree in theater and pursue one from an accredited college. You’ll make the big bucks, and you’ll thank us later!

5. Journalism

A journalism degree is easily obtainable, but when you have that degree it will be tough to make something big out of it. Unemployment rates right after earning this degree are some of the highest of any major. Sure, some people make the big bucks that work for ESPN or The New York Times, but that likely won’t be you. Don’t waste your time earning a degree in journalism; it likely won’t turn out like you envisioned. Study something that will pay more at a prestigious or accredited college online or in person!

4. Anthropologist

An anthropology degree is about as useless as they come. It is something that should be done for leisure instead of as a degree. This is the type of class that everyone takes in college to boost their GPA and make their college degree look better. Get a degree in something that has a better prospective job outlook. After all, this type of degree just won’t cut it if you want to live a comfortable lifestyle free of financial worry in the future.

3. Liberal Arts

A liberal arts degree is one of the most useless degrees of all time. There’s not much you can do with this degree at all. If you are paying a lot of money to go to a liberal arts school, you might as well get your money’s worth and major in something that will have a larger return on investment. I say this because, on average, graduates with a master’s degree (yes, I said it right – a master’s degree) only make about $50,000 per year. Don’t waste your time with a liberal arts degree, specialize in a degree that will be more lucrative for you in the long run!

2. Religious Studies

Religious studies is a degree that you pursue if you wan’t to become a professor. Other than that, the job market for this degree is tight, and there aren’t many jobs in this field. This degree, like most of the others on this list, isn’t very applicable to the real world today. For recent grads, the median income was $30,000. Save yourself time and money and pursue a degree in something that will make you a better living in the future!

1. Philosophy

We’ve all thought about how cool it would be to earn a philosophy degree, am I right? Theres only one problem: you won’t make a living with this degree. Even students with a master’s degree in philosophy only make an average of $48,000 per year. This is substantially less than many other entry level jobs with just a bachelor’s degree. Unless you plan to write the next Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, you may want to switch majors and pursue a different degree. With that being said, Philosophy is one of those college majors that you can study from an online school. Online colleges are cheap and always easier than large universities. If you’re studying Philosophy in the first place, chances are you don’t care about your working salary after college, so you should highly consider obtaining an online college degree due to the price!

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