5 Most Popular Bathing Suits

Since summer is fast approaching stores are putting out bathing suits for sale. That means there are going to be some very popular styles coming out and hopefully this article will help you have the cutest bathing suit and keep it in style.  There are usually four types of bathing suits Boho, Modern, Tropical, and statement. Then you have your one pieces, bikini, and tankini types.

High Waisted:

This cute bathing suit bottoms comes up to about your belly button and you would normally wear a bikini top of some sort. You can get these in about any color, style, print you want. You can get the bottoms with different rips or lace on them if you want to spice things up a bit.

One Piece:

This bathing suits are very much in style you can get them with a lower back, off the shoulder, criss cross back or front and then you have strapless and I am sure many more. One pieces were not always very popular until 2016 when more people started wearing them and companies were producing more advanced styles.

Classic Brief:

The Classic brief is more plain bathing suit. This bathing suit is a flat stop that has normal straps and bikini bottoms that are normally lower on your hips. Most of the time you can get the bathing suits in just one color but the floral suits are more in style and popular.

Off The Shoulder:

This suit is pretty self explanatory it’s is usually a one piece and have one shoulder.


Sporty is almost all the time going to sort of look like a sports bra and underwear or a plain one piece. Most of the time they will be made by nike, under armour, adidas, reebok and more.

I was talking to some girls around the age 15-16 and they gave me their opinions on what type of bathing suits they are getting and colors that stand out to them. Chloe Lehn said “ I really like bikinis and designs, Pineapple and cute cacti are always fun to have too!” Courtney Stewart agreed with Chloe and added on that she really likes when they are bright and colorful. Courteney still said she enjoyed tankies better than bikinis.  Makaylee Highly agreed with both of the girls but also thought polka dots are better than designs.

Some of the best places to shop for bathing suits are target,H&M, online, American Eagle. While you are shopping always make sure to have your size in mind, have underwear on when you are trying them on. If you are shopping online make sure to measure yourself so you can get the right size for your body.

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