Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

A lot of people say that money can buy you happiness, but is that really true? More than half of people struggle with financial expenses. Also a lot of people struggle with having extra money. Some may even struggle with putting food on the table. The real question is, can’t money fix that? Continue on reading this article if you question whether or not if money leads to more problems or can buy happiness.

Money can help you find more happiness, so long as you know just what you can and can’t expect from it. Research suggests that seeking the good life at a store is an expensive exercise in. Before you can pursue happiness the right way, you need to recognize what you’ve been doing wrong.  If you want to know how to use the money you have to become happier, you need to understand just what it is that brings you happiness in the first place.

Although people tend to believe that buying physical things will make them happier for longer than spending money on experiences because physical things last longer. Money can buy happiness when the purchase made is meaningful. For example, owning that great new gadget or necklace and the memorable happiness it can forever have. Also giving money away or spending it on someone else makes us feel more connected to others and happiness.

There are some things that money can lead to and become a negative impact in someone’s life. More money can also lead to more stress. The big salary you pull in from your high paying job may not buy you much in the way of happiness. Research shows that once you are above the poverty line, making more money won’t necessarily bring more joy, especially if you spend it on more stuff. Studies suggest that Friends and family is the secret to happiness, not having money. The reason is what psychologists call the “Hedonic Treadmill.” Like hamsters on a wheel, we keep running after new stuff, never satisfied with the stuff we just got.

You might guess from the large number of extremely wealthy people with drug or alcohol addiction, depression, or even being suicidal. Wealth can lead to spending money on things like drugs. While wealth doesn’t necessarily bring happiness, worry over excessive debt and having trouble paying your bills will definitely make you unhappy. But before you give up on money as a source of pleasure, you should know that there are some times when scientific research shows money truly can buy happiness. Whether or not money makes you happy, make sure it doesn’t make you miserable and you don’t spend money on the wrong things that can turn into a big downfall.

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