First Job Ideas

If you are needing a job preferably your first job then this is the perfect article for you. Here you will read about some of the best places to work over the summer break. I would suggest having your driving license for these jobs to be able to get to work and to get home.  There are many things you need to consider before you start the job. The times, money for gas, it will most likely take time up also so you should plan a schedule.

  1. Coney Island

Coney  is one of the best places to work because there are different options on where to work in the park. You can be running games, taking pictures, running rides, cleaning up garbage, and even lifeguarding. All these jobs will have some sort of training like most jobs  do. Lifeguarding will take more to train. You are required to be in a class 24 hours to get the job, you learn different ways to recuse people learn how to do CPR and different breathing techniques. Some advice from others who have had this lifeguarding job say it’s better to be a strong swimmer before you start the job. There are many things you need to consider before you start the job.

  1. Library Assistant

In this job you would be organizing books, checking people out and helping people find books. Try to get the library closest to where you are living so it is easier to get to their.

  1. Grocery bagger/clerk/storage

This is one of the best jobs to start off with. You get to work with people and possibly money. This job would most likely mean that you would work your way up to different levels in the workplace you would either start bagging or pushing carts then you start dealing with money, customer service, and who knows one day a manager. This job may not be just a summer job. It could carry onto your school year where it may get a little more complicated. You have to deal with a whole new schedule so do talk about this when the job begins and ends when you first go out for the job.

  1. Ice Cream parlor

Any ice cream parlor is a great summer job. There are two types of ice cream parlors there is, outside parlors and inside. Outside maybe a little tougher it will most likely be hotter but better hours. Inside would most likely cooler but longer hours. This would be a good job for people who could handle working with food. You would want to have good hygiene and take on responsibility with not just working in a ice cream parlor but with any job especially with food.

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