How To Plan a Pool Party

Since summer is fast approaching people are going to start opening pools. That means that people are going to want to have pool parties! The most fun parties of them all. Most people would just throw some chips into a bowl and call it a party but let’s be honest everyone is expecting more than that.

The very first thing you need to do is invite lots of people. This will make your party so much fun the more people the better party. Also if you invite a lot of people then you can expect some people to come as long as you give the date and times.

The second important thing you need is good food. Everyone knows you get hungry after swimming. Maybe don’t do lobster or something but maybe hot dogs or burgers or even chicken and pizza. I would also suggest having chips or pretzels out. Make sure you have refreshments too. Also have different types of drinks not everyone likes soda.

You should have good music playing so if noone is talking some sort of noise is happening. Music can be hard to pick out for parties because you never know what music everyone likes. You can almost always but pop music on almost everyone knows at least one pop song. If you are a teenager maybe throw in rap.

Always have extra towels prepared because even though it is a given to bring a towel some people won’t or they will need a new dry one.

Times are a big thing in pool parties. If you are having people spend the night maybe plan your party towards the night. Not everyone would want to swim all day. If you are planning to just have everyone over for a little but then you should have it during the day. If you are having it during the day make sure you have sunscreen for everyone just in case you need it. Also have bug spray if your going to be in the grass.

Always make sure you pick a good hot day with no rain. You never want to have a pool party and have everyone sitting outside of the pool. You it is possible maybe heat the pool water just so it’s not freezing cold. If for some reason it does rain have a backup plan. Have some games to play or have a different plan.

Make sure to get everyone talking be the life of the party!

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