PAT McGRATH LABS: Luxury Cosmetic Brand

squared-Pat-McGrath-ok-534x800Pat McGrath is one of the most luxurious beauty brands on the market. She has been named “most influential makeup artist in the world.” Queen Elizabeth has named Pat McGrath the Member Of the Order Of the British Empire, in the service of beauty and fashion industries. Pat McGrath has paved her way to a beautiful and one of the most influential futures. Over two decades of her life has been dedicated to developing and launching some of the most luxurious makeup created. Pat McGrath has done endless runways, and creating amazing advertising campaigns, and she has been involved with numerous editorial spreads. Pat McGrath creates custom beauty looks for each season of couture shows in Milan, Paris, London, and New York. She is the origin of “no-retouching foundation” and dewy-luminous skin. In 1999 Pat McGrath was hired by Giorgio Armani to create, develop than launch a cosmetic line. “I was struck by the way she interpreted colour and by her ideas of beauty and femininity.” One of her most recent projects was developing and launching Gucci’s debut makeup collection. “PAT McGRATH LABS” is her personal creation and influence on the world of beauty.

Pat McGrath has created a  palette called the Mothership series, she has created “MOTHERSHIP IV: DECADENCE” ($125). The palette MOTHERSHIP_IV_OPEN_01_1024x1024_7aad0bd3-cf68-4d12-8bec-41b4b9d28d7b_grandefeatures 10 “diamond sparkly” shades, from a bright blue to a gorgeous gold. All of the shade are absolutely gorgeous.  and she has lipsticks in her collection, the LUST: MATTETRANCE LIPSTICK ($38) which comes in 20 shades, and 11 brand new shades. The lipstick are opaque and super creamy, it debuts many of Pat McGrath’s modern mattes. One of the pat-mcgrath-lust-matte-trancethings you will noticed about the collection, the unicarton or the packaging. All of the products is wrapped in a beautiful crown unicarton. McGrath is known for her minimalist styles. The packaging of her palette and lipstick are very clean and simple. But I think it is absolute alluring, and breathtaking way to present a collection. McGrath created a beautiful and highly hydrating lip balm. LIP FETISH LIP BALM (38$) has they beauty community shaken by  the high quality, and the high intensity moisture. The packaging on lip balm is similar to PMG_LIP_FETISH_PACKAGING her lipsticks, it has a bullet to apply with, and the tube is the same as her lipsticks. The lip balms packaging is all white and super crisp and clean. It is so simple, yet so enticing.  Pat McGrath has changed the beauty industry forever. McGrath’s creative, and adventurous spirit inspires breathtaking products. For years, she has been respected and will continue to be, for her work that is across the world.



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