High school sports get dropped

Most people enjoy sports and going to the games and cheering on their favorite team. In high school when you can go the games and stand in your schools student section and yells cheers to the opposing teams student section, getting the gym or field all hyped up.

But imagine if it was all gone. Not like you graduate and your not apart of it anymore. Even if you graduate you can go to the games and enjoy them and still cheer. But what if high school sports were dropped? What would all the athletes do? Could you imagine losing the feeling of going to school sitting in class, all day anxiously waiting for the school day to end to go to your game. If school sports were dropped, kids would drop out of school. They wouldn’t see a point in coming. Some students get into colleges because of sports not because of academics.

Sports are extremely important in building your character, managing time, and building your work ethic. Some people wouldn’t mind if sports were dropped because they would get more time to do homework concentrate in school work, more free time after school. Honestly though more students would be affected by dropping sports.

First Job Ideas

If you are needing a job preferably your first job then this is the perfect article for you. Here you will read about some of the best places to work over the summer break. I would suggest having your driving license for these jobs to be able to get to work and to get home.  There are many things you need to consider before you start the job. The times, money for gas, it will most likely take time up also so you should plan a schedule. Continue reading First Job Ideas

How To Stay Motivated

Ever found yourself not motivated to do anything? Whenever people are or have been in a slump, it’s often been discovered that it’s because they have too much going on in their lives.  People have a hard time managing everything and tend to do too much, which leaves them with no motivation and to be lazy. It’s probably the most common mistake that people make. They try to take on too much, try to accomplish too many goals or activities at once.  Continue reading How To Stay Motivated

Meek Mill Released From Prison

Meek Mill a current rapper was released from prison this Tuesday after fighting a two to four year sentence for probation violation.  The first thing that Mill did when he was released was go to his hometown, Philadelphia 76er’s game 5 against the Heat.  Mill being a huge 76er’s fan showed up in a Joel Embiid jersey and sat court side with team owner Michael Rubin and comedian Kevin Hart.  Mill was also the one to ring the Ceremonial Liberty Bell before the tip off of the game, receiving a thunderous applause from his hometown.

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5 Most Popular Bathing Suits

Since summer is fast approaching stores are putting out bathing suits for sale. That means there are going to be some very popular styles coming out and hopefully this article will help you have the cutest bathing suit and keep it in style.  There are usually four types of bathing suits Boho, Modern, Tropical, and statement. Then you have your one pieces, bikini, and tankini types.

High Waisted:

This cute bathing suit bottoms comes up to about your belly button and you would normally wear a bikini top of some sort. You can get these in about any color, style, print you want. You can get the bottoms with different rips or lace on them if you want to spice things up a bit.

One Piece:

This bathing suits are very much in style you can get them with a lower back, off the shoulder, criss cross back or front and then you have strapless and I am sure many more. One pieces were not always very popular until 2016 when more people started wearing them and companies were producing more advanced styles.

Classic Brief:

The Classic brief is more plain bathing suit. This bathing suit is a flat stop that has normal straps and bikini bottoms that are normally lower on your hips. Most of the time you can get the bathing suits in just one color but the floral suits are more in style and popular.

Off The Shoulder:

This suit is pretty self explanatory it’s is usually a one piece and have one shoulder.


Sporty is almost all the time going to sort of look like a sports bra and underwear or a plain one piece. Most of the time they will be made by nike, under armour, adidas, reebok and more.

I was talking to some girls around the age 15-16 and they gave me their opinions on what type of bathing suits they are getting and colors that stand out to them. Chloe Lehn said “ I really like bikinis and designs, Pineapple and cute cacti are always fun to have too!” Courtney Stewart agreed with Chloe and added on that she really likes when they are bright and colorful. Courteney still said she enjoyed tankies better than bikinis.  Makaylee Highly agreed with both of the girls but also thought polka dots are better than designs.

Some of the best places to shop for bathing suits are target,H&M, online, American Eagle. While you are shopping always make sure to have your size in mind, have underwear on when you are trying them on. If you are shopping online make sure to measure yourself so you can get the right size for your body.

How To Create A Good Study Plan

A study plan is an organized schedule that students create that outlines study times and learning goals. Just like with work or school schedules, students should develop a study schedule where they can block off days and times in their calendar dedicated to studying. Creating a study plan not only helps you become more organized, but it also holds you accountable for your own learning outcomes. If you are an online student, a study plan is even more important in your success in college, since you need to have self-discipline and determination to complete your studies without the constant reminders of a parent or teacher. A study plan is an effective way to help you through your education in an organized way. Continue reading How To Create A Good Study Plan

       How To Plan a Pool Party

Since summer is fast approaching people are going to start opening pools. That means that people are going to want to have pool parties! The most fun parties of them all. Most people would just throw some chips into a bowl and call it a party but let’s be honest everyone is expecting more than that.

The very first thing you need to do is invite lots of people. This will make your party so much fun the more people the better party. Also if you invite a lot of people then you can expect some people to come as long as you give the date and times. Continue reading        How To Plan a Pool Party

Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

A lot of people say that money can buy you happiness, but is that really true? More than half of people struggle with financial expenses. Also a lot of people struggle with having extra money. Some may even struggle with putting food on the table. The real question is, can’t money fix that? Continue on reading this article if you question whether or not if money leads to more problems or can buy happiness. Continue reading Can Money Really Buy Happiness?

Getting Into Good Study Habits

Studying is a very important thing to do. If you do not studying for important test or quizzes, you are most likely to fail. For some people studying is hard to do. If you have good habits for studying then you will be very successful. If you are on of those people that find it hard to study or don’t really now how. Then here are some great tips and habits that you should start doing, so you can pass that really important exam.

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