Reds Win on a Walkoff in the 10th

With the game starting out with some confusion as the New York Mets batting out of order for an automatic out in the first inning. Throughout the game there were only two total runs given up. The score was 1-1 going into the bottom of the 10th. Adam Duvall led off the inning with his first ever walkoff homerun.

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Raisel Iglesias was the winning pitcher and AJ Ramos was the losing pitcher. Iglesias had 2.0 innings pitched, 0 ERA, 0 BB, and 3 K. Iglesias now has a 1-0 record on the year. AJ Ramos is now 1-2.


Image result for raisel iglesias vs metsThe Cincinnati Reds’ overall record of 10-27 which is the second worst record only in front of the Baltimore Orioles who are 9-27.

Top Five USA Attractions

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  The massive landscape of the United States of America contains many great attractions, but today we are going to narrow the long list of attractions to just five. Each attraction is different from the others and can easily be identified by any American. So now, lets look at our list.

5.) Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone national park has many great features, from the mountain range, all the way to it’s geysers. The park is located between three states: Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Yellowstone is also widely known for the o Continue reading Top Five USA Attractions

NBA Playoff Update

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  The NBA Playoffs have started now and we are winding down to the conference finals. With everything that has happened so far in the playoffs, you might be pretty far behind. Today you will learn about everything that has happened in the 2018 NBA Playoffs so far.

Round 1

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  In the first round of the playoffs we started with 16 teams, 8 teams from each conference. The teams who made it through in the Eastern Conference were the Toronto Raptors, who face the Washington Wizards. This series went Continue reading NBA Playoff Update

Boy Killed in Accident on 275

On May 2nd a 4 year old boy was struck and hit by a car on I-275. Dawson Elder’s mothers car had broke down on the side of the bridge in Northern Kentucky. They were hit from behind and the family didn’t see it coming. His mother told press that he was her best friend. “He would tell everybody that ‘My mommy is my best friend.'” She would like her son to be remember as a fighter from day one, he was a miracle baby. He was a fun loving, skinny little blonde that could make anyone laugh.

His mothers tire blew out on 275. she pulled over to the side of the shoulder rim, and couldn’t get any farther over. The mother told police that Dawson was very upset because he had an accident from sitting there for so long. She was on the phone trying to get a hold of the tow truck while he was crying so she let him climb up front to where he could get out on the passenger side and shed hold on to him so he could use the bathroom. She had him in her arms with the passenger door opened. He was using the restroom when before she knew it they were rear ended and her son was ripped from her arms and they hit a wall. That was the last time she saw him.

Police arrived about the same time the father did. There 1 year one was in the backseat in a car seat with no injuries. The mother was rushed to the hospital due to being 6 months pregnant but the baby was okay. Police are seeking witnesses to the crash. Dawson had died on the seen and was loved and will be forever missed and cherished by family and loved once. 

Attorneys are gathering information on the accident for charges to be pressed or not to be. The other vehicle was changing lanes because of stopped traffic and hit the back of the car. The chief said it was one of the most severe scenes hes ever scene and all the deputies were offered counseling after witnessing it. A full and complete investigation is being conducted. to decipher between if this is an accident or a criminal crime. The funeral is being held on Wednesday, May 9th for the boy. The family and friends are very heart broken from this tragic loss.

The Dream Team

There are many amazing athletes that play for the NBA. Pretty much every team in the NBA has one star that propels there team forward to the Playoffs. What would happen if one team had the best 5 players in the league?


The Point Guard would no doubt be Steph Curry. Steph has a lot of haters just because he’s good, but that’s when you know you’ve made it. When you the best so people get mad at you. He can run the plays and can shoot from deep even when he’s being guarded.


The Shooting Guard for my Dream Team would be James Harden. He has gone completely off the charts this year. He has great court vision and can shoot with anyone in his face. Usually there is no one in his face to begin with because of his nasty step back jumper.


The Small Forward for my team is the one, the only, The King. Lebron James is the best player in the NBA right now and you would be crazy not to have him on your team. He’s one of the strongest finishers in the league and can feed the rock to his teammates as well.


My Power Forward for my team would be Giannis Antetokounmpo. He has only been in the NBA for a couple years and is still one of the better players. Once he has a couple more years in the NBA, he would be just as good if not better than Lebron James.


My Center would be “The Brow” or Anthony Davis. Davis is a beast at getting boards and scoring over his defenders. No one can stop him in the paint and once he gets hot there is no cooling off for him. If he can start shooting better from mid range he would be a “Little” Shaq.


Those are my top 5 players that would be on my Dream Team. What would be on your Dream Team.

NFL Formation and Kickoff Changes


The National Football League is looking to make changes and adjustments to alignment and formation requirements in hopes of fixing the most dangerous play of the game. “There’s no question that this is not about getting the kickoff out of the game, it’s about enhancing it.” said Troy Vincent, the leagues executive vice president. Statistics show that concussions were five times more likely to occur at kickoff time in 2017. In 2017, only forty percent of kickoffs were returned. Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy had said this specific play is still too dangerous even with its reduction in frequency and will be taken out if it is not made safer.

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Oklahoma Fire

In Viki Oklahoma, was hit hard in the fires which scorched nearly 350,000 acres of land. Two people were killed due to the fires and turned miles and miles of farming land blackened. When wildfires strike cattle lands like this, Its very expensive and a long list of needs to keep the lands nurtured and alive. Cows have to go to the vet a long with other farm animals. Barns have to be rebuilt, fences have to be put back up. For the ranchers whose land was destroyed by the fires they received cylinder bales of hay from all corners of rural america. The hay was also free and provided by complete strangers. The most urgent necessity is the surviving cattle need to eat. Last year after a extreme wild fire it left thousands of cattle dead and starving with no crop to eat from. So this year the words spreading a lot faster about the need of hay and the hay delivery kicks into gear. The word spreads around face book and the internet and before you know it everyone is sending hay to these hungry cattle. They came in by the truck loads. 

If the farms don´t receive enough bales, they will most likely have to sell there herds. They might not be able to feed the cows enough to gain weight. But not just are they receiving hay from around the US, they are helping each other out in there town. Farmers from a 100 miles away deliver bales and bales of hay to the grass less farm lands that were destroyed by the fires. Farmers told press how hopeless they feel and they are ready to give up on the herd. But when those men roll in with 64 bales of hay it gives them a little since of relief and hope. Convinces them that they dont have to give up and they have a chance to make the cattle strong again. Image result for oklahoma fire

Signs also are hung around the neighbor hood donating free food, free clothes and free care for the orphaned calves. Hay bales are also just stacked along sides of roads for anyone who might need them to take. Even though help is rolling in, farmers arent very quick to accept the helping hand and are wanting to get thru this on there own. Even when the flames have subsided the damage remains and the country notices the struggle they are going thru and are coming together to help them get thru this.

Scotland Begins Effort To Stop Alcohol Issue

When you think of countries that are well known or notorious for their excessive alcohol use, the first one that comes to mind is Ireland. Right behind them would more than likely be Scotland, and interestingly but also luckily they plan on starting to try to kick this habit as it is growing into a major problem for the country as a whole. The leaders of the country do not like the “unhealthy” relationship with alcohol that they have and explain that drinking is seen as a joke or something to be proud of there, and believe that it is a bigger problem than most think and believe that something needs to be done about it soon as it shouldn’t stay that way much longer. So what has or what will the land of whiskey do to begin to kick this problem?

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