Momo Challenge Causes Two Suicides

The Momo game is a game that has been found to be viral across the countries. But it’s not like any game you’ll see. In Columbia two young children; a 12 year old girl and a 16 year old boy took their lives in less than 48 hours after they both played the game, and law enforcement don’t think its just a coincidence. Resources claim that it was likely the boy and the girl knew each other, and turned one another onto the game before taking their own lives.

After searching both of their phones they found links in there messages to the Momo game. It has been found to be practiced through the texting app “WhatsApp”. It has you add a contact on the texting app which then influences the kids to hurt themselves. It has multiple different challenges throughout the game, and then at the end is suicide. These deaths are the first that this game has been heard about but law enforcement are trying to link the game to multiple others deaths of teens that have recently taken place.  momo-challenge-15336379181535492771_3

The face of it all is an avatar women, she has dark hair with a sort of a crow like complexion with bulging eyes. If the player fails to complete the challenges of the game which range from posting private information publicly to harming themselves or performing dangerous acts, they are spammed with threatening messages and some creepy, strange images. Which claims the player will be cursed with a ‘evil spell’. The tasks go on until the 50th day when players are told to kill themselves. The Momo face was originated by a Japanese women as a doll but the doll has no relation to the game. Last month the game made it all the way up into Minecraft and Youtube. A officers son in Ohio was concerned when he seen the Momo character appear in his Minecraft game. Thinking that it would have a connection to the game Microsoft quickly cracked down on it.


It is believed the game has originated from a Facebook group most likely not from the United States and persuade to play there game on the Whatsapp. Parents and law enforcement all around the world are warning citizens to watch their children’s social devices and to make sure they block any messages from this contact if they have the texting app on there phone due to it being so viral and dangerous.


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