Ariana Grande Sweetener Album Review

If you are a fan on pop music you know who Ariana Grande is. Ariana dropped her 9th album on August 17th 2018. Many fans were aware that this was happening and were very excited. Ariana had already released her song “No Tears Left To Cry” on April 20th 2018 4 months before she released the rest of her songs. This made many fans excited for her new album since we only got a small taste of it.

The title of her new album is “Sweetner”, it has 15 songs on it and is about 48 minutes long. Each of Ariana’s songs seem a little more personal than she has ever been with any of her other songs. In my own opinion I say it was a great powerful intro to show everyone what her album is about.  

Grandes first song on the album is “Raindrops(an angel cried)” which many people are saying that it is about her break up with singer Mac Miller, who just recently passed away September 7th due to a drug overdose. Ariana and Mac broke up in May of 2018. The song is more of a clip I would say since it is only 38 seconds long. It almost as a preview before listening to the rest of the album.

Three of the songs have featured artist on them. Such as “Blazed” featuring Pharrell Williams who many people now from his song “Happy” that came out in 2013. There is also a song called “The Light Is Coming” featuring Nicki Minaj who about everyone knows of. Ariana also did a song called “borderline” featuring Missy Elliott. I think having these three artist in her songs was a very good choice it brought up more of a way for listeners to listen to her music and also get different audiences.

If you are a fan of Ariana you know that she was just recently engaged to comedian and actor Pete Davidson. Well you can just assume that some of her songs about Pete. There is one song actually called “Pete Davidson” The song is pretty short but it is sure sweet. She expresses that she just loves him so much. Almost all of Ariana’s songs have to do with love and her feelings. A lot of fans have picked up that they all relate to her love life. I find it very sweet that she dedicates a lot of her songs to “The love of her life”.

On May 22, 2017 there was a suicide bombing at one of Ariana’s concert in Manchester England. Sweetner is the first album to be released from Ariana since the awful event. The last song of the album is “Get well soon” Ariana sings about how everyone needs to take care of themselves and take the hate out of their lives. At the end there is a silence for 40 seconds which brings the whole song to 5 minutes and 22 seconds. Which is the date of the bombing.

Over all I think Ariana Grande’s album sweetener is very good. She has a lot of meaning and thought into it and it will only get more popular.  

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