WCHS Art Club


                                                          Are you interested in joining a club? If so art club may be just what you’re looking for. Here are the basic things to know if you’re interested in joining a club. 

Who is the Director of Art Club? Mrs. Schauff

What is Art club? Art Club is a place to get to know other students artists, work on your own projects and ideas, as well as participate in community beautification projects, arts-based community service projects and decorating for school events.

What days and time do art club take place ? Art Club meets every Tuesday, in Mrs. Schauff’s Room, #252 from 3:00-4:00.

Why’d you make art club a club? Art Club was created out of a need for extra art making “studio” time, as well as a need for “like-minded” people to get to know each other and be creative together!

Are there any requirements to get into art club? No!  Please come any Tuesday that you are available! We are always looking for new members.

What do you expect from your students? Active participation, kind treatment of others, and an open-minded attitude to people whom are different than you, or may have differing artistic ideas! We are stronger as a team.

What do you do in art club? This year Art Club is participating in: Creating decorations for Homecoming, Creating decorations for our Veterans Day Celebration, Face Painting at sporting events, our annual “Empty Bowls” fundraiser, teaching art lessons to elementary school students, and more!

What would you tell someone who knows nothing about art club? You can be an important part of art club, even if you feel you don’t have much artistic experience!  This is a club in which there are aspects that everyone can help with!

Do you have to have any artistic ability to get into art club? No!

Do you have to sign up? No, just come when you can!

Who pays for the materials? Art Club does, from proceeds earned during fundraising events (Such as face painting)

Does it cost to get into art club? No!

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Interview Conducted with Mrs Schuaff at 1:53 Monday Sept. 17th.

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