Maryland Shooting Leaves 3 Dead & 3 Wounded

Thursday, September 20th a drugstore distribution in Harford County was shot up around 9 am; about the same time the workers gathered in the cafeteria to eat. It was thought that the location was secure at the Rite Aid support facilities, where there is roughly 1,000 employees. People were shot from the outside and the shooter made her way to the inside to take more victims of the facility. This center is where produce is received and delivered. The shooting took place near the front of the primary building a.k.a. the Liberty Support Facility which is where the deliveries took place.Image result for maryland shooting 2018 snochia mosley

The incident was said to be caused by a dispute between the shooter and a coworker. Workers claim they were arguing after a town hall meeting had took place, and it quickly escalated. Witnesses also told officials she didn’t have a particular target and that she just ‘shot to shoot.’Aiming in all directions. Police said they found multiple magazines for the gun and that it was legally owned and in the shooters

The incident took place not long after 11 am. Police had arrived a little bit more than 5 minutes after the shooting had started.  Officials also say the shooter was a women who attacked multiple people with a 9mm Glock handgun. Her name was Snochia Mosley and she was 26 years old. According to coworkers she’s usually a very nice lady, but that day it seems she woke up having a bad one. She shot people recklessly left and right before turning around and taking her own life as well. The killer left the scene with 3 people dead and several other victims, two of which were left in critical condition and 2 more are recovering. All victims have received surgery. As of noon following the shooting the killer had not yet been found, officials had no idea she was a victim of herself. The gun(wo)man was declared deceased at the hospital later that day from gunshot wound to the head.

Image result for maryland shooting 2018 snochia mosleyThe Facility has local counselors to speak with people mourning or traumatized over the incident that took place. This case shows that people are capable of anything even if you don’t think they can be. Whether they have permission for gun rights or not they are still capable of pulling the trigger. Anyone can have a “bad day,” just make sure you take precautions and are aware when something doesn’t seem like its going right.




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