Meme/Vine Day At West Clermont High School

It’s spirit week for West Clermont high school! The first day is meme or vine day. Students were allowed to dress up as any meme of vine they thought was funny. Here are some of the best!

Taylor Hogsed as “Kermit the frog meme” one of the most popular memes! Normally goes with the words “because that’s none of my business as Kermit sips the tea.

Lily Anna Stepp went as the ” It’s Wednesday my dudes” vine

Courteny Stewart went as the “I don’t get no sleep cause of y’all, y’all never get no sleep cause of me” vine(one of the most popular)

Nichole Jordan went as Arthur one of the funniest memes yet! She is sitting in the chair like Arthur is sitting in his theme song. Nichole also did the angry Arthur first.

Dianna Furr did the vine where the boy says “I have the power of god and anime on my side”

Kaitlyn Cox dressed up as the manikin head girls that made vines!

Michael Calderon went as the “take on me vine” a old but good one. Can you see the difference?

Grace Dicesare went as Jojo siwa a dancer and you tuber(who lots of people make memes from) She also stepped her game up and brought a pine tree with a picture of Christ pine in it, and went around saying she has a Chris pine! Very creative.

Abby Ream went as one of the three boys that have a vine of them jumping out in front of the camera on beat to music. Very creative Abby!

Finally Ester Tuke went as the grumpy cat meme! Meme that has been going on for a very long time. Would you walk around all day with this? Good job Ester!

Everyone did a great job by showing school spirit. Can not wait to see everyone else this week!

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