Spirit Day: Tacky Tourist Thursday

          Spirit Week is still going strong at West Clermont High School! For day four, the theme was ‘Tacky Tourist Thursday.’ Students from all classes participated, and here are some of the highlights!

Madison East (9th) showing her spirit with a radical headband.
Maeve Danosky (12th) is ready for a day in the sun.

Taylor Hogsed (12th) completing the look with a lei.
Lauren Johnson (10th) & Sydney Barger (11th) wearing souvenirs from around the world.
Caitlin King (10th) donning some Las Vegas flair.
Yours truly (12th) rocking some jorts.
Group shot of juniors Leyla Sattorova, Lily Gabriel (top), Rhonda Nassar & Katie Jennings.
Joshua Thomas (12th) sporting the legendary fanny pack.
Seniors Will Kegg, Cory Hutson & AJ White posing for a selfie.
Jacob Hinninger (11th) giving us his approval.
Austen Plank (10th) looking cool and collected.
Savannah Kindle (12th) feeding Abbey Marsh (12th).
John Meyer (12th) going all out.

Thanks again to everyone for representing the Pack and showing their spirit!

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