2018 Homecoming Court

The 2018 homecoming court results are in! Ahead are the underclassmen nominees.

Female Freshman Attendants-

Alaina Glass- Alaina is a softball player for our school and plans on playing this spring.

Zoe Naegele- Zoe is a football cheerleader.

Keira Ellis- Keira is football cheerleader.

unnamed (1)
Keira Ellis and Jackson Fite make their way towards the center of the court

Male Freshman Attendants-

Dylan Hoffacker- Dylan is an aspiring singer and enjoys music, he also does improv and theater.

Jackson Fite- Jackson plays varsity soccer here at West Clermont.

Kaden Samson- Kaden is on the freshman football team.

Pictured with arms crossed and smiling are freshman attendants Dylan Hoffacker and Alaina Glass

Female Sophomore Attendants-

Haley Hershey- Haley is a varsity basketball cheerleader.

Payton Willenbrink- Payton is on student council and is in the school’s DECA program.

Kimberly Allen- Kim is a varsity football and basketball cheerleader and also is in our school’s DECA program.

Male Sophomore Attendants-

Chris Kennedy- Chris is a JV football player and plays as a cornerback.

Kyle Seebohm- Kyle is a JV football player and plays as a safety.

Logan Jasper- Logan is a JV football player and plays as running back.

The freshman attendant winners are Kiera Ellis and Kaden Samson.img_0795

The sophomore attendant winners are Haley Hershey and Logan Jasper.


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