Homecoming 2018

On September 29, 2018, West Clermont High School held their second homecoming. The theme was “A Night in the City” and a lot of students really enjoyed all the decorations that went along with it. All the decorations were spectacular and set up very well. Students had said that the music that was played was not very good but the decorations and fun experiences with hanging out with friends and socializing really made up for it. People were laughing, dancing, and most importantly having the best time of their lives. That really went well with the theme A Night in the City because in the city everyone has a good time and at WCHS it really portrayed that well.

Current student at West Clermont High School Alexis Pride said “Homecoming was so fun with my friends, the DJ only played a few good songs. But overall it was a good time”. Senior Jack Towell also a current student had said “Homecoming was fun but also sad because it was my last one. A lot of people came and a lot of people disliked the music the DJ played”. They were not the only ones that said that. A lot of other students had said the music was not good but still had a great time. Students still showed up with all smiles and had an amazing time there. It was really a night to remember.

With having positive feedback on students experiences, everyone at the WCHS homecoming looked amazing and had a great time. There were many different varieties of dresses and personalities that it made a huge success. Many people showed up to the dance varying from freshman to seniors and sophomores to freshman. Everyone participated in dancing even with awful music but overall some good music was still played so that people could boogie down and really enjoy themselves while being there.

When announcing homecoming court at the dance, the nominees Shelby Flannery and Brad Smith won homecoming prince and princess for the junior class. Austin Price and Morgan Steinker won homecoming king and queen for the seniors. They all looked great and looked like they liked the dance and were glad they were given the chance to be on homecoming court.

West Clermont High School gave the students an amazing time with many experiences that students will never forget. A Night in the City was a great theme that the high school set up perfectly for the students to have a wonderful time to catch up with friends and be able to have a good time.

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