Wolves Homecoming Over View

On September 29th the West Clermont Wolves had their second homecoming, and yes it was a blast!

The theme was “A Night In The CIty” the main colors were gold, white, grey and black. There were balloons everywhere as you can imagine. Of course there is twinkle lights everywhere! Everyone really enjoyed the end of the dance when balloons were dropped from the Celine.Out of asking a majority of people who attended the dance said they would rate the decorations ⅘. They all thought a lot of time and effort was put into the decor.

Everyone has been talking about the music. Some people have liked it others have hated it. In my own opinion I think the music was okay. The Dj had played music from “drop it like it’s hot” to “bodak yellow”, they had oldies like “Don’t stop believing” “part in the USA”. Yet there was also so different songs that were played such a “all star” from shrek. Everyone has different music taste so everyone will have a different opinion on the music. Out of a random pole of people at the dance most people did not enjoy the music.

As you can imagine there was a lot of people there! In total 1564 were sold all together so you can imagine how hot it was in the dance room. But not everyone is in the dance room at once. We had the court yard open for slow dancing and for cooling off. If you have ever been to a dance you know heels hurt and nobody wants to dance in them so there was a check in for purses and shoes for $1 sounds pretty smart to me.

Most people that went to the dance seemed to enjoy themselves a lot. In fact Chloe lehn called it “ A night to remember”. Makaylee Highly said “The dance was a lot of fun, I loved how everyone was just together and nobody really cared how they looked while dancing. We were just having fun” Makaylee was also just a guest at the dance. Bradon Meadows rated his overall experience a ⅘ he enjoyed dancing with his friends the best. Erika Quehl rated her experience a 5/5 she said it ran smoothly! Kim Lanhman a freshman said he favorite part was the music! Kaylie Freeman agreed with Kim but added on how she was so happy she got to spend a fun nights out with her friends.

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