Elon Musk’s Green Idea for Public Transit

Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, has recently finished his first stretch of the Loop transportation system. The system, located in Los Angeles, is aimed at reducing traffic emission by promoting clean, efficient public transit in the form of a tunnel loop system. It will take passengers, in their own cars or pods, under the city to bypass traffic. Musk has aimed to make a 2.7 mile loop in busy West Los Angeles but is driving to create a 60 mile loop, which will set it at the longest subway type system in the US thus far.

      From a consumer perspective, bikes and pedestrians will receive priority access to the tunnels at first. The cost for a pass will likely cost less than a bus pass, hopefully this means the initiative to provide clean, green public transit will be achieved. Currently Los Angeles is one of the most smog ridden communities in the USA.Skate_5_23_2017_0014

      The newest and most interesting news comes as Musk has proposed the network of tunnels may even connect to your own garage. The idea being that an elevator in your garage would lower you down and then to an entrance of the tunnel and off you go. Of course this means a much greater length of tunnels as well, but the project is said to have no city funding. Many fears of increased traffic in the tubes has surfaced, but no further information about operation has been provided by Musk.Screen-Shot-2018-09-13-at-5.44.25-AM

      In addition to the LA Loop, Musk has plans for a Chicago Loop and possibly Washington, DC. The idea could spread and hopefully solve the traffic and emissions problem that urban environments suffer from in modern day America. Tesla will experience competition from the Virgin Hyperloop as well but for the time being Tesla will stay the only company in America with an idea this unique.


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