Katy Ross: Spreading Happiness Wherever She Goes…


One of Katy’s AMAZING senior photos!

¨Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.¨ – Mark Twain

Katy Ross is a senior at West Clermont High School, who loves swimming, food, her boyfriend and her amazing friends. Throughout her high school career Katy has become the symbol of kindness, and happiness. Everyday, you can see Katy with a smile on her face, and trying to make a difference in the world around her! 

Katy sets the example of how important  kindness truly is.

  ¨I like to make others happy, meaning I have to be happy. I have nothing to be upset about, life’s great. Mariah, my boyfriend Dalton Carter, my friends who I see in the

Katy smiling with her boyfriend, Dalton Carter!

hallway and at lunch and stuff, eating makes me happy, staying busy all make me happy.¨ -Katy Ross

As shown above, Katy completely shows nothing but appreciation for the life she was given.

         One incredible thing about Katy is how involved she is in her Supportive Peers class. ¨ I saw supportive peers on the list and I’ve participated in some previous works for kids with special needs so I just knew it was for me. I 110% recommend it, it not only gives you an outlet but also can put a huge smile on your face and makes your year.¨            

IMG_6197 (1)
Katy and Mariah smiling for the camera at WCHS Homecoming!

Katy sits with Mariah and they enjoy lunch together every single day. Katy is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry, and most importantly she has become a dear friend Mariah. Technically she may not be Mariah’s supportive peer, but she has made an imprint on her life. Everyday, Katy strives to put a smile on Maria’s face, everyday Mariah’s smile grows wider and brighter. Katy has brought so much joy throughout the program she has made a true deep connection with all the people around her. “They’ve made me realize how people treat them as if they are unable to do anything for themselves, truth is most of them have incredible minds but can’t show it because of their differences. These kids should be treated fairly and not like people treat them, they are smart no matter what is holding them back.”

          In the future, Katy will be pursuing swimming when she is in college. She also hopes to study either architecture or special education! If Katy isn’t running around for

Katy with one of her long term friends, Abbey.

her two jobs, even for swim, or if life is just dragging her in a million different directions, she always tries to find time for the people that mean the absolute world to her, she loves spending time with her boyfriend, and she enjoys spending time with her friend Abbey.

Katy’s motivation to always stay on her A-game comes from her mom. “My mom inspires me for a long list of reasons but mostly because she never gives up and always gives her time to everyone and making everyone else happy more before herself.” Katy’s kind heart and sweet nature is something we all should admire but also strive to be. She is constantly selfless and she asks for nothing in return! People like Katy are what make this world a better place! Thank you Katy for always spreading love, and positive energy wherever you may go!


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