North & South Korea Begin To Disarm Border

          Earlier this week, both North and South Korea began efforts to disarm all land mines located across a crucial segment of the Demilitarized Zone.

          This news comes after the lastest Korean Summit, when figureheads Moon Jae-in and Kim Jong-un met in Pyongyang. There, both the North & South Koreas came to an agreement to “halt all hostile acts” against one another, while also removing threats of war.

          Both nations have technically been at war for the past 68 years or so, but conflict has been halted due to an armistice. However, recently both sides have taken action to help cool tensions and better their relationship. Continuing the trend of unity since joint participation in the 2018 Olympics, just earlier this year SK has removed its propaganda-blaring loudspeakers off of the border and subsequently the North moved its clock 30 minutes forward to match with their neighbor.

          On top of just mine removal, the settled deal also will see the elimination of guard post and weapons from the JSA, the only location across the border where both nation’s troops meet face to face. In a report by Reuters, the remaining troops stationed there will be unarmed.

          According to the South’s Ministry of Defensive Affairs, the entire task is scheduled to take place over the next 20 days or so, and will remove all mines from the Joint Security Area of the expansive 155-mile DMZ.

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