Everything to Know about ‘A Star is Born’

If you believe that Lady Gaga’s career peaked at the time of ‘Poker Face’ and her infamous meat dress, then you haven’t seen A Star is Born. Acting alongside Bradley Cooper, the movie depicts a genuine love story with toxicity and hardships wound within. As the fourth remake of the timeless Hollywood love story, the two leads have made this modern era version something that will go down as the most iconic.

The film follows Jackson Maine, a popular rock ‘n’ roll singer who is slowly losing his love for his craft. Following one of his shows, he meets Ally, an undiscovered singer-songwriter performing in a karaoke drag bar. Performing her rendition of the classic La Vie En Rose, the two old souls meet and slowly begin their journey together. Throughout the movie, Jackson and Ally face many triumphs and tragedies, including record labels and rehab, confidence and chaos. 

The chemistry between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is one bullet on the long list of great things about this movie. The two built an off screen friendship that was fully depicted to an on screen romance. For this being Lady Gaga’s first lead role in a movie, she really brought forth raw emotion and believable story telling in this blockbuster. Cooper’s stellar performance in A Star is Born was no surprise, rather than the fact he also co-wrote and directed the project. Following the mold of the previous films, Cooper and his team wrote in small details in order to make this story personal to him, as well as Gaga. The struggles and insecurities their characters face in the movie are ones that they have dealt with in real life, and that is what makes their performances so real and authentic.

A Star is Born had a moderately strong opening weekend in the box office with high ratings, but the soundtrack came out on top as it is currently battling for number 1 on the US iTunes album chart. The soundtrack features 19 songs ranging from country to pop, with the rest of the 34 total tracks featuring dialogue from the movie. The films first single, Shallow, sung by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, also broke the top 40 on ‘Billboard’s Hot 100 Songs’. Also to note a fun behind the scenes fact from the movie, all of the songs in the film were sung live, by request of Lady Gaga, in order to keep the most authenticity.

Going forward, it is safe to assume that there are some award nominations in the future for this homage to the classic A Star is Born. Whether it be a Lady Gaga Oscar nomination for ‘Best Actress, a Bradley Cooper triple run in the ‘Best Director’, ‘Best Actor’, and ‘Best Picture’ categories, or a Grammy win for Shallow, this movie deserves some hardware.

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