Indonesia’s Relief Effort

On September 28, 2018, a deadly tsunami and earthquake hit Palu, Indonesia. Thousands of people were killed as well as numerous people were injured. The tsunami destroyed houses and buildings, making people be dramatically affected. People had no choice but to sleep on the streets because they had nowhere else to go. A vast relief effort is in progress to help rehabilitate so much of what was lost. Many people are trying to come together to help and support this tragic disaster that took place. Organizations are trying to aid with helping people and providing supplies all at the same time.

Organizations such as the Indonesian Red Cross are coming together to supply vehicles, baby kits, mattresses, and tents to help the community. Each organization that has helped out with Indonesia in some sort of way has gotten a score for how well they helped out with the disaster. So far they have done a great job with the relief effort and have helped out an abundance. They have supplied over 70 tons of supplies and it has really served as a big aid to the fellow nation of Indonesia.

The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee or JDC has also helped tremendously. The JDC has also contributed with “emergency medical supplies, critical supplies, and psychosocial support with one of its long standing local partners”. They responded very productively, especially when there was a lot of people in need of the support the JDC organization accomplished.

Humanity and Inclusion came along as well and has been working in Indonesia since 2004. They have had past experiences with Indonesia for the last 14 years. The organization knows what to expect when coming into Indonesia to help. With setting up funds to help raise money for Indonesia, it will “guarantee that tsunami survivors will get the help and care they need to gain their strength and independence” back. By going to, you can serve as a big help today with sending money to help the rehabilitation process.

Today, more than 5,000 people could still be missing and many families are still searching for lost loved ones. “The European Union and South Korea have offered $1.7 million and $1 million respectively” (CNN News). Due to the significant amount of damage that was brought upon Indonesia, more relief operations are being called in. With having more relief operations come in, it will help speed up the rehabilitation process significantly and help out a lot more people and families.

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