Young Life

If you go to West Clermont High School and you are not going to Young Life, I highly suggest you do. You might think, “Why would I go to Young Life if I’m not a big religious person”? That’s the interesting thing about Young Life , you don’t have to be a religious person to go.

There are two parts to the youth group. The first part is Campaigners, which is focused more on God and the Bible, so it is basically a Bible study. The second part is Club, which is more focused on getting the people to socialize and have fun. Belle Borkofer “Young Life is such a heart-warming place where everyone is can be themselves. Everyone is there for one another. Young Life has made me a better person. It’s an amazing experience”. Belle is a big part of Young Life and she tries to go to as many events as she can. Most people will tell you that after going to just one “meeting” you feel a littleg different. This is because everyone you meet there is so kind and the energy is amazing. Everyone is jumping around singing songs and when we play games everyone is so into it and is trying. It feels like a family environment because they welcome anyone and everyone. “ Young Life is so welcoming and nice. It’s amazing to have something to look forward to. Supporting leaders is what the best part is. I really enjoy it, it made a huge difference in my life”, Lily Elfar said. She had started going to Young Life last year and will keep attending this year.

If you are interested in going to this fun and enjoyable event, you can contact Abbie Borchers via Instagram or any other social media with the handle  @abbie_borchers. Abbie holds Campaigners at her house and it last for about and hour and starts at 7. Or you can contact Carleigh Starhall via social media with the handle @carleighstarrhall. Carleigh golf club at her house and will last about an hour and 15 minutes and will start at 8:15. A fun thing that we do after club and is everyone goes and gets good together, somewhere close, like chick-fil-a or maybe sometimes McDonald’s.

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