Sweetest Day

The month of October seems to revolve around Halloween and everything spooky; scary movies, trick or treating, Halloween parties etc.. Yes, Halloween is probably the best day in October, but you probably didn’t know about Sweetest day, or maybe you knew about it and just didn’t care. Well if you are one of the lucky ones that do have a significant other then maybe you should care.. Sweetest day is a holiday that you either hate it or you love it.. If you do happen to hate the holiday, it is probably do not have a significant other and you despise all things couples related, but don’t worry your time will come. But, if you are one of the lucky people to have a special person in your life, then you probably like or will like the idea of Sweetest day. So you might be thinking “well what is Sweetest day?”. It is a day for showing love, because we all know we don’t show that we care or tell the people in our life that we love them enough. You also might be thinking “ well isn’t valentines day the same thing?”. In a way it is, but Valentine’s day is usually a day when the guy in the relationship spoils the girl. While, Sweetest day the girl spoils the guy, but it is surely okay for the guy to spoil the girl also.

    Now to celebrate you don’t have to go out and do something extravagant, but some kind of nice gesture. If you have no idea what to do, here are a few ideas:

A trending twitter topic and also really cute idea is a spooky Halloween basket, because it is still the season of spookiness. This basket would include of the of the persons’ favorite things for example it could have, halloween socks, candles, perfume, candy, gift cards, a tiny pumpkin, jewelry, chips, and chapstick.

A second idea could be pumpkin patch because who doesn’t love a good pumpkin patch. If you happen to live in the Cincinnati area and don’t know where to find a good pumpkin patch, well you’re in luck because you can go to Shaw Farm located in  1737 OHIO 131,

MILFORD, OH 45150. There are many things to do there like, getting farm fresh and produce, fun amazing corn maze, with 500 + pumpkins to pick from, petting zoo,and games for all ages.

If you are fortunate enough to go to West Clermont High School, you could purchase a rose and give it to anyone, you can even do it anonymous and give one to your crush if you don’t want them to know who it came from.

Make sure you go out and have some fun with your significant other or even just your friends and tell them that you appreciate them on October 20th!!


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