FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati fell to New York in the second round of tournaments on Saturday. The team was scored on in the thirteenth minute of the first half and was never able to put the ball into the back of the net to even up the score. The team was expected to win the whole thing so I’m sure you can imagine the upset for the players and fans. The teams in the city of Cincinnati have not won a championship for a long time now, so for the team to be doing this well really got the city excited. This was the first time the team had made it to tournaments in the league that they are in now, the USL. Despite their loss, the team was still proud with how far they made it in the season being the first seed of the tournament and being the best team out of the large sum of games they played. Players made many tweets after the game stating how they felt about the defeat and sour end to their season. Player Richie Ryan said, “Not the way we wanted the season to finish but over 34 games we were the best team so everyone should be very proud of what we have done this season. Every day with this group has been a pleasure to the fans the future is bright the future is.”

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The team is announcing their new brand identity, the crest will be revealed on November 12. The team is set to be apart of the MLS (major league soccer) next year instead of the USL (united soccer league). The club was in the USL for a total of three years but will no focus on the making of their MLS team and what they need to do to be a successful team in that league as well.

FC is also set to build a brand new stadium now that they are moving into a bigger league and will no longer be sharing Nippert Stadium with the UC Bearcats. On the FC Cincinnati home page, this is what they have to say about the new field, “Our club believes the arrival of Major League Soccer in the Queen City will help elevate our city and community. Our pledge is to build a stadium that will not only serve as a home for the beautiful game in Cincinnati for generations to come but also be an asset to the community of which it will become a member. To ensure sure our supporters and community have accurate information as the discussion continues, use this page to keep up-to-date on all things relating to our club’s pursuit of a soccer-specific stadium that will one day house it.” The stadium is to be built in the west end of town and the name and the team is to start playing there at the beginning of the 2021 MLS season. Currently on average, the team averages around 24,645 fans per match. The new stadium is said to have between 25,500-26,500 seats with a total cost for the new stadium to be around $212.5 million dollars.


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