Last Minute Halloween Costume

Halloween is approaching very fast, and everyone having a costume party! So here is a list of 8 very simple, and quick to make costumes for all of my procrastinators out there!

minnieMinnie Mouse! A very simple costume to make. Throw on some black pants or leggings with a black top and add a tutu with black polka dots and mouse ears. Tada! A very simple and classic costume, perfect for any Halloween party!

Fifty shades of grey, and not the scandalous kind! This is a very humorous costume that almost everyone will get a kick out of. Just make a quick run to Walmart or Home Depot and grab some grey paint swatches and tape them onto a black or grey t-shirt. A very cheap and innovative costume!

nerdThe Nerd. A very simple costume that you can find or make very easily! Simply just wear a white t-shirt or polo with black pants. Grab some fake glasses, or old sunglasses you don’t wear anymore and pop the lenses out. If you want to spice it up, wear a bowtie and suspenders!

pineappleThe simple and sweet pineapple! Throw on a yellow dress or outfit with a green headpiece. You can use a headband decorated with a cheap craft foam and glitter. Simple and sweet!

scarecrowA scarecrow. Grab an old flannel with jeans and your gardening hat and boom! Finished, if you want to spice it up you can add some makeup and you’re finished. Plus, you probably already have most of these items at home. Perfect for any party!

skeletonA skeleton, just like the scarecrow you probably already have most of these items at home. You can simply throw on an all-black outfit and wear some spooky makeup.

Alvin and the chipmunks! This is a great last-minute group costume. All you and your friends need to grab some red, blue, and green sweaters. Make sure that whoever is Alvin has the signature yellow “A” and the red hat, and whoever plays Simon wears glasses. Perfect for any party, especially if you want to go in a group.

Arthur! A very simple and costume. Throw on a white shirt with a yellow sweater (or just a yellow sweater), a pair of blue jeans, glasses, and a pair of ears. The ears can be easily made out of felt with hair clips or a headband.arthur

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