Stephen Hawking Last Book

Stephen Hawkings last book “Brief Answers to the Big Question” was recently published on Tuesday October 16th. He began by writing a series of 10 essays focusing on the biggest unanswered question that mankind asks; “Is there a God?” Hawking claimed that he thinks “-the universe was spontaneously created out of nothing, according to the laws of science.” He argues that if you accept, like he does that the laws of nature are fixed then it wont take you very long to ask- “What role is there for God?Image result for stephen hawking final book” Image result for stephen hawking final book

Hawking was a very vocal speaker about The Big Bang Theory. To Hawking the combined laws of gravity, relativity, quantum physics and a few other different rules could have the answer for literally everything that ever did or will happen in our universe. Steven hawking wrote in his book how you could say that the laws are the work of God, but that is more a definition of God than a proof of his existence. If you think with this mind set then you could ask yourself; “Did God create the quantum laws that allowed the Big Bang to occur.” Hawking Wrote that- ” The universe itself, In all its mind boggling vastness and complexity, could have simply popped into existence without violating the known laws of nature.”Image result for stephen hawking

This doesn’t mean there is no possibility that God created our proton sized singularity (our world before the Big Bang) and allowed it to pop. But Hawking had a scientific explanation here also. He claims that black holes, like the universe before the Big Bang are condensed into a singularity. In this super packed together point of mass the gravity is so strong that it completely distorts time, light and space. Simply meaning in a black hole or time before the Big Bang does not exist due to both being a singularity. Hawking wrote that “- they have finally found something without a cause because there was no time for a cause to exist in. For me this means that there is no possibility of a creator, because there was no time for a creature to have existed in.”

Even though many might disagree or might not be persuaded by Hawking’s theory, that wasn’t his intention in the first place to convince. Hawking wrote how he sought to “-know the mind of God by learning everything he could about the self-sufficient universe around us. While his view of the universe might render a divine creator and the laws of nature incompatible, it still leaves ample space for faith, hope, wonder and, especially, gratitude. We have this one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe,” Hawking finished the first chapter of his final book, “and for that I am extremely grateful.”

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