Beast Scary Movies

While october is coming to an end you might be cramping in some scary movies before it’s too late! Here you will find the best movies to watch that will kill your spooky vibes for the season.

Now first I am going to just list the obvious originals. Now these movies are the murder mystery, and thrillers. The more spooky mood movies.

  • Halloween (new and old)
  • Scream (The first one)
  • Nightmare On Elm Street
  • Children Of The Corn
  • Silence Of The Lambs
  • Friday The 13th

Now if you are looking for more Demonic and Ghost movies then this will be your cup of tea. The first movie I am going to suggest is “The Conjuring” i’m sure you have heard of it before. It is about a big family with all daughters who move into a house and they start having some “disturbing” things happen to them. They have to call this couple who are experts on helping families get away from these dark spirits. Now that’s just the first movie. There are about 3 more movies that go along with these such as “ The Conjuring 2” when you are introduced to two other demonic characters who have their own Movies “Annabelle” a creepy doll, and “The nun” which is obviously about a scary nun. If those don’t sound interesting enough here are some highly recommended scary movies,

  • Sinister
  • Insidious
  • Exorcist
  • Paranormal Activity

There are always those few movies that everyone forgets about, but end up being some of the best movies you’ll ever watch! I feel like everyone always forgets about this creepy mysterious movie called “The Shining” Yes the murder mystery of Johnny and his family. This movie is based of the Stephen king Novel “The Shining”. It has so much graphic and mystery to it. It’s over all just DARK! If you like gore this next movie is right up your alley, “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” now I just can’t bring myself to watch that because it truly is the title Chainsaws and a massacre. From what I have heard it is a great scare! Now this next movie is one of the best! “The Ring”, yes the creepy little girl with dark black hair in her face that crawls out of your tv, that’s Smarar from (the ring). It is such a good scare, from the suspenseful music and loud noises in the background. 10/10! Now the last movie I am going to talk about is “Hush” Which is about the most suspenseful movie you’ll about watch. It is all about this deaf and mute woman who lives in the woods by herself! Yeah I know it’s like she asking for something to happen. Well obviously a murderer comes strolling along and she has to fight him of from getting into her house without hearing a thing.

If you have siblings or kids that you don’t think they should be watching any of these movies do not worry! There are some amazing halloween and spooky movies for them to watch!

  • Halloween Town
  • Hocus Pocus
  • Girl Vs Monster
  • Little monsters
  • Coraline
  • The corpse bride
  • Gremlins

Hopefully these movies spook you out!

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