Chinese Internment Camps

Over the past few weeks the Chinese government has been expanding the size and range of their newly established detainment camps in the western half of the country. In the past they have had issues with certain divisions of the population which have led them to violations of human rights. Here there are now hundred of thousands of Muslims that are being the kept in these indoctrinated centers. The reasoning behind this comes from new Chinese policies where the government looks to “brainwash” the inmates into the government party propaganda. The idea is reasoned because the government felt there has been a rising wave of extremism in the province of Xinjiang.

News reports assisted with the use of satellite imagery, are now showing that there are already 28 detention camps built but but there is still more expansion to come. The goal of the camps are currently said to be used to control the growing Muslim population in the province. Most of the expansion is occuring now but overall since 2016, there has been a roughly 400 percent growth in total area of the camps.201362652520564734_20

Currently there is a lot of criticism against the Muslim culture and the camps are only adding to their current injustices. More than this the camps are contributing more evidence to show that the Chinese government is violating many human rights in the Xinjiang province. The Humans Rights Watch China director, Sophie Richardson sees this as a “critical link between showing the physical infrastructure and connecting it to the abuses taking place inside these facilities.” The Chinese government’s actions can be seen as racially motivated due to the the fact that they see their religion, language, culture and all other unique styles of living as a threat. The country will not be able to function with a weak part of the nation and will inevitably struggle.INDIA-CHINA-ISLAM-RIGHTS

The images that are being received from satellites, depict a prison like structure and their goal is transformation through education centers. The reason the camps have arisen in the 14 million person province are because tension with the Uighurs, an ethnic Muslim group, have risen over their fight for greater autonomy. So far there is said to be hundreds of thousands of people in the camps and the number could rise to the millions, but there are no official counts yet. One thing is for sure and that is that while the camps may not be seen as malicious from the outside, reports from family members of loved ones who’ve died in there or once leaving show a different side to the story.

Official Chinese reports are saying the camps are being used as vocational schooling to fight against the violence occuring in the province. The United Nations are meeting in the coming weeks to discuss China’s human rights violations and this situation will likely we a topic of great focus in discussion.

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